Blast furnace campaign extension at CherMK - Severstal

Author(s) A. Sokolov, E. Vinogradov, Y. Kosenkov, A. Sadri, M. Karimov, D. Chataway, Y. Gordon, A. Dmitriev, W. Ying, P. Szyplinski
AISTech 2018 Proceedings


Intensive operation of blast furnace allows increase in production of hot metal and profitability of Iron & Steel Works. However, blast furnace life could be sacrificed if no measures are taken to protect refractory lining and to build stable accretion. CherMK and Hatch developed a systematic approach to monitor conditions of BF hearth lining using Acousto Ultrasonic-Echo (AU-E) non-destructive testing developed by Hatch. Multiple testing of blast furnaces revealed problematic areas with accelerated refractory deterioration and minimal thickness, formation of elephant foot, extent of accretion and speed of refractory wear, cracks and other anomalies. Improvement in coke quality, periodical staves washing, the addition of titania, grouting etc. were recommended and implemented to prolong furnace life while maintaining the intensity of furnace operation.