Connected data for repeatable and efficient design

Lower procurement costs – improved material management

Increase in construction productivity due to advanced work packaging

Digital twin enablement in operations

Innovating reliable and consistent Digital Project Delivery (DPD)

In today’s fast-paced world, digital technology and disruptive design is rapidly changing the way we work, from enabling informed decisions earlier in the project life cycle to increasing efficiencies and productivity in operations while reducing variability across the value chain. Digital Project Delivery (DPD) leverages common data, integrated tools, and advanced workflows, which—when applied with sound engineering, project, and construction management principles—offers value to clients looking to maximize the success of their investments.

Mining and metals, infrastructure, and energy sectors can leverage the power of DPD, enabled by information management and the use of digital technologies. DPD allows clients to gain greater visibility into their project’s performance, improving decision-making through real-time data analysis, and enhancing collaboration and communication among project stakeholders. These capabilities help mitigate risks, optimize resources, and ultimately achieve our clients’ desired return on investment. Additionally, DPD can facilitate more efficient and cost-effective project execution, enabling clients to achieve greater operational efficiencies and profitability.

Delivering complex projects safely, on time, and within budget requires accurate monitoring, forecasting, and management in each stage of engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, and operations. This is especially challenging with new technologies, complex facilities, specialized construction, and large projects where there is pressure for invested capital to generate a quick return; integration and coordination between executing functions is challenging and requires the right know-how, experience, and tools.

You need the right people with the right skills on your project. We minimize capital costs while maximizing long-term operational benefits with a global resource mindset. We help assess your business needs and develop actionable development plans from concept through to operations that balance effort, accountability, risk, and cost.

Digital Transformation
Listen how digital technologies are revolutionizing project delivery and client operations

Common data environment

We are at the forefront of integrated, data-centric design from engineering design to BIM-enabled execution in an advanced common data environment.

With advanced data management, cloud storage, and a sophisticated data architecture, we offer value in engineering, contracts and procurement, document and data management, construction, handover, commissioning, and most importantly, into operations.

The true integration of projects and operations requires a “digital mindset,” which puts information management at the center of our digital strategies and tools.

Integrated digital project delivery technologies and applications

Hatch has adopted a technology strategy that combines both vendor and in-house developed tools to deploy the most suitable project execution and analytical/design modeling solutions for your projects. This approach ensures that your projects benefit from minimized errors and rework, and reduced conflicts and changes during construction, creating a clearer visual comprehension of project concepts and scope, lowering the risk and construction cost, and minimizing the overall construction time. By employing a hybrid technology approach, we are able to deliver the best possible outcomes for your projects.

Advanced digital project delivery workflows

DPD involves a coordinated set of methodologies and processes supported by technologies to create, manage, and share properties of a digital asset over its life cycle. For simplicity, DPD is broken down into a common “dimensional framework” that explains the major elements. This framework includes intelligent 3D models, the 4th dimension of time (including construction simulation), the 5th dimension of cost (including quantity and cost trending), and the all-important connected data visualization application Asset XD and Asset XR.

Our design teams can collaborate in a truly integrated data environment for model reviews, issue resolution, clash detections, version control, assign design and construction packages, and more. When combined correctly, the DPD ecosystem provides efficient delivery of connected digital assets that generate significant value in operations.

Immersive design and virtual reality

Immersive design and virtual reality are revolutionizing the way mining, energy, and infrastructure projects are delivered, providing clients with unparalleled benefits. With immersive design, clients can now experience their projects before they are even built, allowing them to make informed decisions and reduce the risk of costly mistakes.

Digital construction and commissioning

Digital construction methodologies lead to significant improvements in construction productivity, safety, and schedule, resulting in significant cost savings for capital projects. Materials management is also vastly improved, as critical engineering information related to commodities and equipment is immediately available to the workforce. Advanced work packaging allows the maximum number of workfaces to be open at any time, all with the necessary engineering information and materials to maximize construction progress. When combined with 4D simulation tools, construction becomes well understood before beginning, with little to no rework once complete. Additionally, our digital tools ease logistics, reporting, and progress measurement. All this leads to lower site indirect costs, lower rework, shorter schedules, and safer outcomes.

Digital commissioning is the key to fast ramp-ups to nameplate capacity, which is paramount to realize immediate return on capital investment. With a digital mindset, commissioning planning happens concurrently as the engineering is progressed. Systems are identified and noted as metadata in the design information and 3D model, allowing for efficient planning and set up. Much of the laborious work associated with commissioning can now be highly automated, and key vendor information necessary to commission is immediately available to field teams via mobile device.

Digital assets and digital twins

Effective information management provides benefits throughout the entire lifespan of an asset. As the project advances from the engineering to handover, a comprehensive digital asset is generated with continuously improving data quality and maturity. This digital asset matures throughout delivery and into the operation phases until a complete digital representation of the asset is achieved.

By connecting to sensor networks and operational/asset management systems, the digital asset can evolve into a digital twin, resulting in further operational benefits. This, in turn, enables the generation of simulation, analytical, and optimization capabilities, facilitating easy access to reliable data and enhanced decision-making throughout the life cycle of the asset.


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