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Tackling the energy trilemma—globally

Beth Buckmaster
The energy trilemma isn’t new within the industry, but more than ever the concept is now at the forefront of our planning and designs. Are organizations addressing its importance?

Helping SMEs understand their Digital Journey

Daniel Miles
Unlocking the Digital Journey: Empowering SMEs for success in the digital era. Discover how digital transformation drives business growth and economic performance. Download our comprehensive report to gain insights into the best digital technologies, challenges faced by SMEs, and the impact on the Australian economy. Essential reading for SMEs, global businesses, and government agencies alike.

Assessing the impact of federal funding mechanisms on the electric vehicle value chain: part 2

Mariam Faizal, Jan Maceczek, Yinka Ogunduyi, Siddarth Subramani
With the recent focus on advancing access to battery materials and localizing electric vehicle production, several government funding initiatives have been launched to stimulate capital projects globally in support of this goal. In a series of blogs, our Hatch experts explore these opportunities and the challenges they present.
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What our clients say

“Over the life of the project, Hatch and Hatch Indisa personnel were not only very responsive but also helpful and reasonable in their approach to the many changes that occurred. I personally attribute this to the multicultural team, and to the leadership that was associated to the project. Cooperation and seeking the best outcome has always been the goal and was, in fact, the rule for this project.”

Michael X. Schlumpberger | Executive General Manager Operations, Highfield Resources Limited

“Hatch was able to successfully adapt to whatever was required of the team and was able to deliver a very successful project amid some challenging conditions.”

Mr. Iggy Tan | Chief Executive Officer, Galaxy Resources (Jiangsu) Co. Ltd.

“Special recognition goes to all involved for making this transition virtually seamless...I know there were many long hours and critical moments. Your perseverance has paid off.”

Doug Morgan | Director, Calgary Transit (2018)

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