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CIM Safety Award
Hatch-CIM Safety Award Trophy

Nominations now open for the Hatch–CIM Mining and Minerals Project Development Safety Award


The Hatch–CIM Mining and Minerals Project Development Safety Award was established to recognize and reward project safety programs that achieve above-average statistics, feature rigorous training, and have regular auditing. Any Canadian project in the mining and minerals sector is eligible to be nominated. Nominations close on January 26, 2018.

For more information click here. To nominate a project click here.


Doug Belle

How phosphates feed the world

Doug Belle
It’s a hungry world. The population is expected to increase by almost a third over the next few decades, and there’s not enough arable land to grow the food that people will need to survive.
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What our clients say

"We accomplished this expansion at competitive cost, employing local workers and suppliers and incorporating state-of-the-art technology, which places the Alumar alumina refinery as one of the lowest-cost refineries in the world."

Franklin L. Feder | President, Alcoa Latin America and Caribbean

“Nsolv is the kind of technology that has the potential to generate jobs, growth and export opportunities, and to bring lasting economic, environmental and health benefits to Canadians and people around the world.”

Leah Lawrence | President & CEO, Sustainable Development Technology Canada, Nsolv

“Working with Hatch during the development of reference concept design of six underground stations and associated studies, with very tight time constraints, resulted in a very close working relationship between the two organizations. We developed an integrated and cooperative team atmosphere and had fun while we did it. The result was a very impressive body of work that came in on time and on budget and was very well received by all project stakeholders.” 

Frank Altomarre | Senior Project Manager, Metrolinx

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