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Sanjiv Save

Converting inexpensive natural gas into high-value economics

Sanjiv Save
As natural gas becomes increasingly abundant, barriers are leading to depressed prices for the foreseeable future, with very little upside projected. Our solution is simple: enabling technology to produce higher value, higher demand products that benefit consumers and can be readily exported.
Patrick Ransom

Public transport and the COVID recovery

Patrick Ransom
Public transport operators are being hit hard by COVID. They can, however, play a critical role in supporting the recovery and driving a more positive future if sufficient funding is made available.
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What our clients say

“Over the life of the project, Hatch and Hatch Indisa personnel were not only very responsive but also helpful and reasonable in their approach to the many changes that occurred. I personally attribute this to the multicultural team, and to the leadership that was associated to the project. Cooperation and seeking the best outcome has always been the goal and was, in fact, the rule for this project.”

Michael X. Schlumpberger | Executive General Manager Operations, Highfield Resources Limited

“Hatch was able to successfully adapt to whatever was required of the team and was able to deliver a very successful project amid some challenging conditions.”

Mr. Iggy Tan | Chief Executive Officer, Galaxy Resources (Jiangsu) Co. Ltd.

“Special recognition goes to all involved for making this transition virtually seamless...I know there were many long hours and critical moments. Your perseverance has paid off.”

Doug Morgan | Director, Calgary Transit (2018)

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