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New Jersey Port Authority

New Jersey Port

Developing a 30-year master plan for the Port Authority of New York New Jersey

The volume of cargo entering the New York metropolitan area is growing. So for the Port Authority of New York New Jersey, it was time to develop a strategy to meet this increased demand. The most comprehensive plan in the port's history is currently being developed by experts in the new office of Hatch in New York City.

The strategy will span all PANYNJ port facilities, deploying Hatch’s considerable ports and urban solutions expertise to guide development of the infrastructure hub’s 3,000-plus acres of cargo-related property the next 30-plus years.

Read more about this flagship project in our latest news release.


Michael Lindsay

7 things every good transportation strategy needs

Michael Lindsay
Major cities everywhere are looking to increase and improve public transit. Governments are tasked with delivering the goods: effective transportation systems that support better usage and help get cars and their carbon emissions off roads.
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What our clients say

“Project management—it’s all about how good you are at detailing a plan, presenting a plan, executing the plan, and delivering the result. And that’s what the team did so well. They were the best.”

Michel Charron | Project Director, Rio Tinto Alcan

“Hatch has behaved as a true partner in the success of the Maritime Link Project, and we will continue to rely on Hatch throughout the remainder of the project execution. I highly recommend Hatch for project development services for ac and dc transmission projects.”

Rick Janega | President & CEO, Emera Newfoundland and Labrador

"Hatch and the H5M’s contributions were instrumental to the Port Mann/Highway 1 Improvement Project, one of the most important transportation projects our province has seen in years.”

Keith Sashaw | President and CEO, ACEC-BC

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