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Two nations with a lot in common

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Both were originally settlement destinations for the people of the United Kingdom and Western Europe. Both basic currencies are the dollar. Parliamentary systems of government. Large geographies. Vast stores of minerals and energy. Huge regions of untapped potential.

Australia and Canada have a lot in common. And as the Australian government stands poised to invest AU$50 billion dollars in infrastructure over the next few years, the two nations will be building even closer ties.

Hatch is strengthening this relationship. We've added two new offices to our long-standing presence in Australia and begun work to optimize public-private partnerships for infrastructure. Canada and Australia are continuing to build on our commonalities, ready to merge our collective global experience to drive excellence and build high-performing projects.

Hatch is on-board, ready to help. Learn more about how we're preparing for the Australian infrastructure boom here.


Richard MacRosty

Advanced analytics: industry’s next great thing

Richard MacRosty
Only now, well into the 21st century, is heavy industry beginning to harvest data electronically and leverage its information potential. It may take time and hard work to get the most value from advanced analytics, but the benefits will make the journey worth the effort.
Emily Moore

The high cost of water

Emily Moore
It's the essence of life as we know it. But there’s a considerable cost to water, especially to not managing it as effectively as we can and should. In fact, we can’t afford to waste a drop.
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What our clients say

“Project management—it’s all about how good you are at detailing a plan, presenting a plan, executing the plan, and delivering the result. And that’s what the team did so well. They were the best.”

Michel Charron | Project Director, Rio Tinto Alcan

“Hatch has behaved as a true partner in the success of the Maritime Link Project, and we will continue to rely on Hatch throughout the remainder of the project execution. I highly recommend Hatch for project development services for ac and dc transmission projects.”

Rick Janega | President & CEO, Emera Newfoundland and Labrador

"Hatch and the H5M’s contributions were instrumental to the Port Mann/Highway 1 Improvement Project, one of the most important transportation projects our province has seen in years.”

Keith Sashaw | President and CEO, ACEC-BC

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