Digital Transformation Podcast

The Digital Transformation Podcast explores the strategic integration of digital technologies across all aspects of an organization, revolutionizing operations, client interactions, and business models. Listen to Hatch's insights about leveraging data, analytics, cloud computing and emerging technologies to enhance efficiency, innovation and adaptability in a rapidly evolving digital landscape, fostering growth and future sustainability.
Hosted by Kelly Levesque


  • Episode 4
    The focus of this podcast is to explore how breaking down data silos in operations is increasing throughput, optimizing logistics and improving performance.
  • Episode 3
    In this episode, we discuss how information management (IM) is a key element of digital transformation for Hatch and its clients, detailing how IM provides an ISO compliant framework for producing and delivering information for the entire life cycle of built assets within a common data environment. This podcast explores how IM facilitates a range of digital use cases including document management, BIM and Digital Twins to reduce risk and waste through better decision making. 
  • Episode 2
    We're diving into the tech trenches to explore Hatch’s digital transformation journey – past, present and future, with Hatch's Chief Information Officer, Maurice Tayeh
  • Episode 1
    Series debut guest Alex Cespedes and host Kelly Levesque, uncover how data is the cornerstone of digital transformation.
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