While health and safety is still the most critical, the traditional challenges facing construction management are changing. As stakeholders and funding companies demand faster returns for their significant capital investments, organizations are under pressure to get the job done quicker. Much of the burden is falling on construction teams.

Construction managers and their teams have to find savings opportunities early in the project life cycles. They have to build programs that both support, and are supported by, engineering and procurement. This is the most ideal scenario, but many times the construction management team is brought in too late. If they can't find innovative ways to integrate into the project and prevent costly rework, cost and schedule are compromised.

So how does a successful construction management program balance cutting costs without compromising safety and quality?


Construction execution planning

Full EPCM capabilities or an individual service offering, our construction management service is built on integrated management and communication network. We apply innovative solutions, tools, and processes such as ConstructSim and Lean tools and working methods. We find ways to limit rework in the field and find savings opportunities. By optimizing our resources, we provide a high level of certainty for safety, performance, quality, cost, and schedule.

Brownfield construction

Managing construction projects on existing, brownfield facilities has its own separate list of challenges. For one, schedules must be shortened to limit costly downtime. Our nuanced approach to construction management on brownfield operations considers existing practices and health and safety programs, and our strategies minimize costly downtime.

Site Deployment

We support and sustain deployed project personnel through the provision of facilities, infrastructure, and services. As part of a comprehensive deployment approach, we provide pre-deployment and personnel logistics support, accommodation, communications, medical coverage, security training, and labor force strategies.

Decommissioning and demolition

Each demolition project has its own particular risks. We partner with you to fully understand all risks before developing a plan to quickly and safely complete the task.


Security considerations are an important part of risk assessment and mitigation to both a project and the people working on it. We provide security assessments in support of engineering studies, potential site visits, and ongoing projects. We also provide security escorts for individuals visiting remote sites.

Remote project execution

Remote projects in the frozen high arctic. Desert projects under the sweltering sun. We have provided construction management services for some of the most remote projects in the world. We address the unique requirements of harsh environments, including lack of existing infrastructure, site access challenges and skilled-labour shortages. Whatever the location, we get it done.

Site material controls

An extensive site-material control program helps to optimize the entire flow of project materials and associated information in support of project execution. It includes the receiving, warehousing, and preservation of all materials on site. We play a role in defining, planning, monitoring, executing, and closing out of all necessary construction activities to help make sure your project is done safely, and on schedule.


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