Remote resource deposits. Rapid urbanization. Energy crises. Water scarcity. The world is facing global challenges that need to be addressed in new, innovative ways. These issues must be solved while balancing serious, long-term environmental issues of sustainability and climate change.

Creative engineering solutions can address these complex global challenges, but finding and using them requires a commitment to new, smarter designs. Best practices for safety and efficiency must be factored into the process to help you achieve unprecedented business results, and create real, substantial change in our world.

Smarter, more efficient solutions through advanced engineering are no longer just important business drivers – they are a global imperative. Because the world needs smarter solutions, now.


Partnering for success

Our teams work closely with you to understand your specific project requirements...and your goals as an organization. We are committed to the bigger picture and we build in those requirements at the earliest project stages.

Comprehensive expertise

Across the mining and metals, infrastructure, and energy sectors. From brownfield upgrades to the planning and implementation of major integrated developments. The objective is always the same – work with you to solve your toughest problems. We provide engineering solutions in all major engineering disciplines including architectural; civil; structural; mechanical; piping; and control, automation, and electrical.

A multidisciplinary, global approach

Our multidisciplinary engineering teams work seamlessly with our procurement, construction, and commissioning teams to achieve optimal overall project outcomes. Incorporating a global approach to your projects, we aren’t constrained by borders or time. We mobilize experts from around the world to deliver you the best.

Specialty services

You need to get the most out of your existing assets with minimal capital expense and the most economically viable opportunities in unstable markets. Our specialty services, from custom-machine design and structural assets, to non-destructive testing and bulk-materials handling, have long served as the core of our company. We are proud to partner with you to find specialty solutions to your unique challenges.

Advanced design tools and processes

Using the most advanced design software and process technologies, we find innovative ways to unlock added value. This includes data-centric 3D-design systems, parametric 3D-component-design software, finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, and various types of Hatch-developed simulation software.


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