A staged approach to commissioning is crucial to CAPEX

An operation's ability to reach production safely and on schedule, while minimizing inefficiency, is critical to generating the greatest return on capital investment. There are countless examples of projects that have had their business value eroded by an ineffective project completion process and/or a slow ramp-up. This can cost an organization millions of dollars in lost revenue, weaken project value, and diminish investor confidence.

Commissioning is the final phase in project execution and the first step in setting up the operating team for success. Any cost savings accrued through the project life cycle can be completely lost if a facility isn't commissioned efficiently, safely, and on schedule. Effective commissioning requires a staged approach–utilizing the right people, systems, tools, and experience. It must be centered on driving engineering, procurement, and construction towards the quickest start of production. This requires an understanding of the needs of the operation while using strategies that consider the transition from bulk construction progress to system completion.

When properly executed, this approach, supported by a strong operational readiness program, is the key to reducing start-up costs, maximizing cash flow, and getting a quicker return on investment for stakeholders.

Helping you maximize the final phase in project execution

Commissioning safety

Safety is the cornerstone of our pre-commissioning and commissioning work practices and methodologies. There are serious potential hazards specific to commissioning that result from introducing energy to new equipment for the first time, often in parallel to construction activities. Our safety strategy focuses on risk awareness and managing overlaps and interfaces.

A staged approach

Through our staged approach we can tackle any commissioning project, regardless of location or challenge, industry, or sector. Each project starts with detailed planning. This means an integrated commissioning schedule that helps your facility become operational, faster.

Commissioning readiness audits

We benchmark your project against the best in the industry, assess the readiness of commissioning teams, and help identify areas of improvement. Involve us as early as the engineering phase, or to support you with existing facilities undergoing commissioning challenges. We help identify any gaps or oversights and provide specific recommendations to get you ready for commissioning activities.

Execution planning and delivery

Our pre-commissioning and commissioning management service is built on an integrated management model that’s customized to your project. This begins with scoping systems and subsystems into testable groups. Developing organizational charts and outlining roles and responsibilities. Aligning engineering, construction, pre-commissioning, and commissioning schedules to help you reach ramp-up quicker. Our execution strategies are game plans–starting with the end goal in mind.

Expert, collaborative support

We know the importance of the commissioning phase of any project in the metals, energy, and infrastructure sectors. Pre-commissioning and commissioning programs are executed by experienced teams which include dedicated commissioning personnel that have relevant experience to your project and meet operational requirements.

Our teams blend seamlessly with your organization or function as a full-service offering to provide a high level of safety, performance, and quality.

Completion management

With our completions management system, you can access and track the progress of your commissioning project securely anywhere in the world, either deployed individually or integrated with other software. This includes: construction handover documentation, quality standards, check sheets, administrative procedures, handover processes, and more. The system’s mobile application also allows your project field results and progress to be available in real-time.

Let our experience with small and large commissioning management projects set you up for success!

How can we help you facilitate a rapid and efficient ramp-up?


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