In today’s world, businesses and communities connect by intricate, multimodal networks that bring people and places closer together. The healthiest centers for livability and workability are those that plan, design, and integrate numerous modes of travel to offer a robust network of transportation options. An important part of these networks is transit. Often considered the backbone of efficient travel, modern modes of transit have become the focus of business leaders, government officials, and community stakeholders. Transit is key to unlocking congestion, maintaining efficient movement of people, and exploring opportunities for sustainable and greener system design.

Whether a new-start program, an expansion, a series of extensions, or a major upgrade to an existing transit system, we have the experienced team that can ensure successful project delivery. Our multidisciplinary staff has worked with all kinds of passenger rail and transit infrastructure, from subways and light rail corridors to tunnels, bridges, and transit-oriented design (TOD). Drawing on a broad range of skills, we can carry out large and complex projects in-house, freeing up your staff to perform their day-to-day work.


Linear Infrastructure

We know all things linear infrastructure, including integrated multimodal transit solutions, corridor development,  engineering design, procurement, program, project management and support, construction management and contract administration. We have extensive experience developing and coordinating multimodal transit projects, with smart city concepts. We can help you develop advanced multimodal designs with a focus on safety, sustainability, constructability, and operability. We also support a wide range of public transit organizations and contractors throughout the life cycle of a project, providing customized procurement strategies and timely delivery. For more information, click here.

Stations and Facilities

Passengers and employees rely heavily on stations and facilities, and we can help you develop and deliver all your architectural and engineering designs for them. Our industry-leading experts deliver innovative, sustainable solutions for maintenance and storage facilities, stations, stops, yards, and supporting facilities. We evaluate optimal station configurations, provide dynamic modeling to validate passenger flows and level of service, and deliver sustainable urban planning and interior design for a wide range of transit facilities. We can also help optimize track configuration, evaluate maintenance facility throughput using process engineering tools, and manage the industrial design of the facilities to best accommodate your vehicles. For more information, click here.

Vehicles and Operations

Procuring, maintaining and operating vehicles customized to local standards and regulations while keeping up with emerging and new technology can be challenging. As the engineering firm with the most vehicles engineers on staff, Hatch’s experience, expertise, and reputation in the industry can assist with your vehicle design and engineering, zero-emissions vehicles and infrastructure, and maintenance and operations optimization projects. We can help with procurement, design, and engineering of a variety of vehicles and charging infrastructure, as well as transitioning to zero-emissions systems and vehicles. We continually keep abreast of changes to regulations and design to ensure maximum value for our clients.

Our TrainOps™ software is the premier industry model that can help you procure the right rail vehicles, optimize adhesion and power/weight ratios, go green, optimize new rail lines and alternatives, develop integrated operating plans, produce cost-effective traction power designs, and understanding the operational effect of train control systems. For more information, click here.

Rail Systems

The declining skilled workforce combined with recent technologies in the transit industry can be difficult challenges to tackle. With one of the largest teams of rail systems experts in the world, we can leverage the latest technologies and methods to deliver safe and reliable systems. From traction power modeling to complex and rapidly-changing communications systems design, our deep bench of experts can help you keep your riders safe. For more information, click here.

Systems Assurance

We follow industry best practices in systems engineering, requirements management, systems integration, and systems assurance to minimize risk and ensure years of flawless performance. We also offer independent assessment, oversight, and verification services according to various standards. Innovation is part of our DNA – Hatch has been granted more than 430 patents. We have also led the transit industry with firsts in light rail transit systems, streetcars with off-wire technology, and smart card applications.

Data Analytics

While everyone is accumulating an enormous amount of data, few know what to do with it all. The challenge is how to transform the data into useful and actionable information. Effective data analysis and integration are the keys to solving this problem, as they enable you to better evaluate routes, fares, and other proposed changes.

We can provide valuable, unparalleled assistance that draws on our deep knowledge and experience in revenue management and technology systems, computer-aided dispatch and automatic vehicle location systems (CAD/AVL), fare payment systems, fare policy analysis, mobile ticketing, smart card systems, optimization, transportation, vehicle and wayside forensics, and maintenance. Our highly specialized expertise help our transit clients enhance and improve your operations, maintenance, and programs while optimizing inspections, reliability, and efficiency. For more information, click here.


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