Revolutionize the entire Inward Investment lifecycle

Mosaic is a first of its kind solution that addresses the myriad of challenges that FDI/EcDev & BR&E teams face across the investment lifecycle. Mosaic delivers new capabilities that drive improved economic outcomes at every stage - from discovering your unique strengths at a granular level, to engaging with the right businesses, to converting more projects successfully. It even helps protect and nurture businesses within your locality.

Policy Development
Business Attraction
Project Conversion
Business Retention
Business Expansion
Revolutionize the entire Inward Investment lifecycle

What Mosaic can help you do

Give your region a competitive advantage

Mosaic was built on the premise that the best way to attract business and ensure economic prosperity is by understanding your region at a granular level and targeting only those companies that will truly help your community thrive.



Get into the granular details of your community

Our database of key indicators will allow you to truly understand your community’s strengths at a granular level and discover unique insights that will drive strategic, data-driven decisions about who you should target.



Let companies self-identify

Traditional industry and sector codes fail to capture the evolving nature of today’s businesses. Mosaic harnesses the power of AI to create classifications that are driven by how companies describe themselves. With Mosaic, you can understand your region’s business landscape with better detail and accuracy.





Target the companies that will make you a supply-chain powerhouse

Recent events have made it abundantly clear how important a resilient supply chain is to our economy and the survival of businesses. Mosaic helps you understand the complex details of the supply chains that exist within your community so that you can target companies that will best fit your region’s unique eco-system.




Build stories faster and be the first to respond to opportunities

Mosaic’s dynamic Workspaces make it easy to conduct research, develop content, and package it in a compelling, data-driven story that will get responses. Simply publish your Workspace and share the link with your prospective client. If you prefer to build your own deck, you can export everything with the touch of a button.




Bringing the best of Hatch and the AI experts at Brainnwave together

We share a profound commitment to fostering a better world through positive change. We envision this change beginning with empowering people to make informed, data-driven decisions, paving the way for thriving, equitable, sustainable, and resilient cities and communities.

Hatch’s vast engineering and business expertise and 65-plus year history of delivering innovative solutions to the world’s toughest challenges, combined with Brainnwave’s unparalleled machine learning and artificial intelligence expertise and passion for building decision intelligence solutions, give regions and cities a unique strategic advantage that drives better results.

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You are in great company

Between Hatch and the roster of partners at Brainnwave, we’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the best. We can’t wait to add your company to the list.


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A unique opportunity to shape the future of Mosaic to suit your needs

For a limited time, you and your team can gain early access to the newest features Mosaic has to offer, now and into the future. You will play a significant role in shaping the evolution of a comprehensive solutions product that addresses the entire Inward Investment lifecycle. This opportunity will position you ahead of the curve and accelerate your existing efforts.

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