The world's most dynamic airports feature the right infrastructure, the best facilities, and the finest service. First, last, and always, is consideration for the safety and security of air passengers and cargo.

Good airports deliver commercial and operational success, all while satisfying the wants and needs of passengers, airlines, tenants, operators, and government agencies. To do this well, management must constantly be making smarter design and investment decisions, even as their airports face increasing demand for profitable, sustainable operations and always-better safety and security. Putting all the pieces together in just the right way is possible only with practical thinking, innovative ideas, and comprehensive solutions.

Smoothly operating airports begin with runways and taxiways, but landside elements are just as essential. Adjoining roads and bridges, internal circulation roadways, intermodal terminals, and accessible parking structures are vital adjuncts. Automated people-movers and car rental facilities smooth traffic flow and enhance travelers’ experiences. All have their parts to play, coming together to make an airport an integrated, cohesive and highly functional enterprise. All must be intricately planned, developed, and managed to function flawlessly.



Without a good airside, airports simply cannot function. Our experts understand that ordered and balanced airside operations go hand-in-hand with good airport terminal design. Our experience makes us an industry leader when it comes to designing runways, taxiways, aprons, and gate stands that ensure safe, secure, and efficient flow for aircraft and airside service vehicles.


Before you can board a plane, you must get to the airport. Access roads and bridges are more than thoroughfares. Properly designed, they alleviate congestion and optimize internal vehicular circulation. They provide access to and from terminal buildings, parking garages, and highways. Our clients reap the benefit of our innovative solutions to airport landside-design challenges.

Facilities and aircraft hangars

These high-tech undertakings need integrated approaches to site planning, building design, and construction execution. We've designed dozens of aircraft facilities worldwide. We're experienced with line and heavy maintenance hangars for air carriers, fixed based operators, military installations, aircraft manufacturers, and special test facilities.

Master planning

High-level planning prepares the framework for development at new and existing airports. We're master planners, experienced in land-use and long-term development studies that satisfy the aviation sector's demand for function and fiscal responsibility. We safeguard airport operations and resolve issues—engineering, aviation growth, environmental, financing, and socioeconomic—at airports and adjacent communities.

Aircraft ramp services

We design sustainable systems, employing the latest in passenger boarding-bridge design, aircraft auxiliary-ramp services, and ground-support equipment. Airlines see faster aircraft turnaround and better gate utilization.

Remote sites

Servicing natural resources, power, and tourist-based developments in remote places? We've been there, developing fully-certified airports and functioning private airstrips in extreme climates and isolated environments. When you need engineering and optimal designs that work in unusual places, we find the solution for your facility and its lifespan.


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