It's a hungry world.

Each year, about 80 million new individuals join the population.Population increases create a demand for food that can result in rapidly rising food prices and localized food shortages.

Phosphate producers supply fertilizers to farmers around the globe. These growth enhancers are essential to global agricultural production and the crop yields needed to feed the ever-larger population. Fertilizers provide nutrients for plant photosynthesis, the process that converts carbon dioxide from the air into the oxygen we breathe, and the carbohydrates and starches that support life on earth.

With only a limited amount of land suitable for agriculture, producers must do more with what they have. New products are needed that make crop fertilization more effective and efficient. Producers must continue to optimize their existing facilities and find new and better products to sustain the operations that will feed us today, and future generations tomorrow.


Process evaluations and improvement studies

More productive phosphate plants mean more abundant harvests. Profitability and product can both improve with better on-stream time, efficiency, controls, and overall plant operation. We can evaluate your operation and find opportunities for improvement, seeing things that others miss. We're experienced in phosphate ore processing, wet phosphoric acid production, and phosphate granulation.

Granulation plant debottlenecking and improvements

Better quality products and reduced emissions are strong competitive advantages. We help our clients debottleneck existing granulation plants and improve production rates. We understand the science behind granulation, and the design parameters needed for optimal performance and smooth operations. With strict environmental compliance, we have implemented difficult brownfield screen-debottlenecking projects and granulation plant-scrubber improvements.

Project implementation

The top priority must always be zero harm to people – employees, contractors, and the public. Careful planning and flawless execution produce safe, high-quality outcomes. We use the front-end loading approach to engineer and execute major brownfield expansion and retrofit projects. Less risk. More successful, predictable outcomes for our clients.

Energy recovery and cogeneration

We understand how phosphate facilities work. So we can help you find opportunities to improve energy efficiency and reduce power consumption.

Water management, containment, and gypsum filtration

We keep your heads above water. The systems and processes we help create lead to better collection and reuse of plant water streams, and a plant water balance cycle that really goes full circle. Efficiency improves because process waste streams are collected and reused. Acidity in the gypsum-stack process-water management system drops as by-products are double-filtered.

Process development

Your processes aren’t like anyone else’s. Neither is the work we do for you. We use modern project development and execution methods adapted to your operation so you can make high-value products better and faster, driving up your profitability in today’s competitive market.


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