Some ores require a high-temperature, high-pressure pretreatment process before leaching in order to improve metal recovery from the complex ore. Autoclaves are a preferred component of the process for many large-scale sulfidic refractory bodies, including such processes as Au-Ag pressure oxidation; Cu-Ag-Au pressure oxidation; Ni-Co pressure leach; Ni-Co-Cu concentrate pressure oxidative leach; and TiO2 HCL pressure leach.

To select the right, best process, mining companies need to consider capital costs, operating costs, ore recovery, and environmental impacts. Given the size and complexity of the ore bodies and the remote locations in which they're often found, understanding the mineralogy and potential extraction methods can provide a real benefit when it comes to establishing cost-effective mining infrastructure and solid operational plans.

Because each autoclave project is site- and ore-specific, mining companies need an engineering partner with the right experience and expertise to provide the best solutions.


Every autoclave and preleach circuit is a custom design, based on the experience and expertise of the design team.With the right innovative and proprietary equipment designs, your pressure-oxidation needs can be effectively met. 

Our services are unique to your needs. We operate through the entire range of activities: feed-stock testing, construction material selection, advanced instrumentation, attention to safety, and operator-friendly plant layout. The entire spectrum—or whatever elements are most appropriate to your operation—leads to successful pressure oxidation of refractory ores and sulfide concentrates.

We provide the following services:

  • Test-work planning and management
  • Process flow sheet development
  • Economic reviews
  • Scoping studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Detail engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction management
  • Preoperations
  • Operations support.


  • Increased recoveries from refractory ore
  • Greater availability due to proprietary technologies

  • Increased autoclave reliability as a result of historical design experience
  • Enhanced energy efficiency with preheaters


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gold recovery from refractory ores

60 L to 630,000 L

autoclave design capacities

2,178 tonnes

world’s largest gold autoclaves by weight


for: Au-Ag, Cu-Ag-Au, Ni-Co/Ni-Co-Cu, TiO2, uranium