Achieving full potential performance in heavy industries continues to get more and more  complex due to operational underperformance or major changes in the business environment  There’s a myriad of business and technical systems required to build and operate assets safely while complying with regulatory requirements and stakeholder expectations.  Furthermore, our clients report they are losing key technical talent and operating knowhow at an increasing rate.

As a result, business transformation efforts aimed at improving performance continue to fail 7 times out of 10.  Despite building internal business improvement capabilities, companies continue to struggle to identify, capture and sustain performance improvement opportunities when full transformations programs are not required.

Unfortunately, without the much-needed evidence-based technical knowledge, traditional consulting frameworks and knowledge of past practices are no longer enough to bring about significant, sustainable improvement.  The result is a reliance on the client’s industry and technical knowhow and a data-driven approach where critical business issues can only be explored at a superficial level.


Read our blog on the value of technical expertise in management consulting.


Working together, we bring seasoned, multi-disciplinary teams that can pull all the key value-creation levers and create significantly more sustainable value.  We integrate Hatch’s deep project, technical and industry knowledge, built over decades as a leading engineering firm, with outstanding advisory, digital and technology knowhow to support and overcome your transformation and improvement challenges.   

Business transformation services

For transformations and turnaround initiatives, when major step changes in performance are required and the scope, much broader and significant than business improvement.  

We deploy integrated, multi-disciplinary teams of senior advisory and technical experts to assess the overall business, find and unlock value and build new competencies as we work together to execute the road map over multiple time horizons.

Business Improvement

Find incremental improvements to current operating strategies and approaches with less overall change required than with transformations.  We use targeted diagnostics to assess the potential for increasing production, productivity and, reducing costs and capital using current assets and resources.  With embedded teams we implement and support new business improvement process and enhance organizational capabilities. 

Asset Management and Maintenance

Increase value with an effective asset management program that balances performance, cost, and risk. We help de-bottleneck, identify and mitigate key risks that threaten the health of your most critical assets,  so you can strategically select mitigating people, processes, and technology solutions that allow you to maintain your assets effectively,  and increase nameplate capacity.

Organizational enablement 

We help demystify change management into a practical and holistic approach to help you plan and execute programs of change, whether the program complements an organization transformation or focuses on more transactional change programs.  We’ll identify your organizational needs while considering business goals, and collaborate to improve performance through integrated talent, HR and organization change services.

Project management office, implementation, and execution support

Specifically developed for your stakeholders in your own environment, our rigorous approach combined with our deep sector expertise can help you execute piloting, technology innovation and delivery at scale.

Strategies for positive change


How important is water in your life?

Bruce MacKay
Celebrate World Water Day on March 22nd by reflecting on the importance of water in our lives and the need to protect this precious resource for future generations. Join us in making a difference by conserving water and supporting efforts to provide access to clean water for all.

A tale of three scopes: Part 2

Matthew Tutty
In addition to scope 1 (direct emissions) and scope 2 (purchased electricity, heat, and steam), many organizations now have scope 3 emissions reduction targets in their climate change strategies.

The right approach to Canada’s population and cities

Michael Sutherland
Hatch's Michael Sutherland shares insights on how to holistically approach Canada's population and city development opportunities. As the country's population grows due to immigration, it is critical to plan and deliver infrastructure and population growth in a manner that benefits people, the economy, and the environment. Sutherland highlights the importance of transit-oriented community (TOC) development, which promotes active transportation and concentrates development and activity around public transportation nodes or corridors.

A tale of three scopes: Part 1

Matthew Tutty
There is growing recognition of the significance of value chain emissions, known as scope 3 emissions, in the climate change strategies of metals and mining organizations.
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