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The right systems improve operations at Port of Los Angeles

TraPac LLC | United States | 2016-present

10% reduction in cycle times

Maintenance compliance 100% on target

Expedited issue resolution


  • TraPac is one of the first fully automated container terminals in North America, with automated horizontal transport (straddle carriers), automated stacking, and automated on-dock rail.
  • This complex automation environment depends on the precise coordination of multiple systems from different vendors.
  • Because the goal was to improve in-depth analysis and operational efficiency, the existing systems and tools were not able to provide the required operational visibility and insights.


Since 2016, Hatch has been providing advisory and consulting services at the TraPac terminal at the Port of Los Angeles. Our work has successfully introduced concepts and approaches from other industries to help achieve several of TraPac’s goals.

A core piece was our work to deploy and integrate the PI System. This tool serves as a data historian and is being used with container-terminal systems to improve operational awareness, digitalize maintenance workflow, and improve maintenance-interval compliance. This is the first time PI has been deployed in an automated container terminal to enable analysis from a process perspective.

Our contributions

  • PI System – Vision, strategy, and hands-on development work for the site-wide implementation. This tool captures high-resolution process and equipment data from all TraPac's automated equipment and systems.
  • Rail Terminal Operating System – Implementation and integration of Tideworks Spinnaker planning system with automated on-dock rail execution systems. The project was successfully delivered on schedule and on budget against an aggressive timeline.
  • Dynamic simulation – Subconsultant oversight and recommendations for terminal simulation models.     
  • Emulation functionality – An emulation system and testing strategy for TraPac’s integrated testing environment.
  • QA set-up for on-dock rail automation project – A test environment and approach for the rail automation elements. Hatch is guiding and mentoring TraPac and third-party resources to test.


The new data-centric environment is driving a shift in culture and helping TraPac meet its goals for the future. Having the right tools and the right data available together in a central location allows quick analysis, insights, and timely issue-resolution.

Adding the PI System at TraPac:

  • Improved operational efficiency. Cycle times in the wide-span rail-mounted gantry cranes were reduced by 10 percent with the automated on-dock rail.
  • Expedited root-cause analyses. The root cause of a rail-mounted gantry crane's spreader issues in the automated on-dock rail were identified in hours rather than weeks.
  • Improved maintenance compliance. Predictive maintenance schedules are now one-hundred percent on target.

Learn more about the success of this project. Hatch and TraPac jointly presented their achievements at PI World 2018

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