Using standard equipment in applications that have special requirements can cause unreliable performance, significant downtime, and safety issues. The result can be production losses that quickly erode any cost savings from purchasing off-the-shelf equipment.

Projects that involve automation, high temperatures, or heavy industrial equipment can benefit from custom machine designs. Optimized, fit-for-purpose machines perform tasks more efficiently, saving time and money and improving safety.

Our custom-machine design experts have experience with a wide range of custom machinery. We offer detailed design, supply, installation, and commissioning services for new and operating facilities. Our inspection services extend to recommendations regarding maintenance and component upgrades to improve the reliability and performance of existing machines.

Our well-established design methodology and tools let us execute your projects from concept level to execution, working with you throughout the full project life cycle.


Hot material handling equipment

With temperatures at 1,000°C or more, hot materials present a number of handling and transportation challenges. We provide fully automated equipment for this task that's designed to work as a complete system. We specialize in the design of calcine transfer systems, calcium-carbide handling systems, ladle-handling systems, and furnace-feed systems.

Industrial robotics

Robots must be specially designed for use in mining and smelting applications due to severe operating environments and heavy loading demands. We design robotic systems using commercial hardware and custom-designed, end-of-arm tooling, improving work efficiency, and safety for operators.

Overhead traveling cranes and automated cranes

To do what's needed in harsh environments and under heavy-duty conditions, production cranes need special treatment and consideration. From ladle and tankhouse cranes, to mill, coil, and billet-handling cranes, we specialize in fully automated and high-reliability designs. We can provide engineering services for their specification and upgrade, and design custom, below‑the‑hook lifting devices.

Hydraulic and pneumatic systems

Automating heavy machinery in extreme environments often requires the use of hydraulic and pneumatic actuation. We develop tailored solutions for these systems, helping to extend the life of your assets, improve safety, and increase reliability.

Electrode columns and seals

Electrode columns make up a significant portion of the capital cost for new furnaces and upgrades. Failures can cause extensive furnace downtime and ramp-up maintenance costs. We've developed patented solutions to overcome common operational problems, reducing overall operating cost and improving reliability.

Moving stadium roofs and movable civil structures

Retractable roof-system machinery must be custom-designed and constructed with an emphasis on ease of operation, maintenance, reliability, and accuracy. We design and specify all mechanical components and can provide unique designs for any non-standard products. Our expertise extends to movable civil structures, such as large industrial doors and gates, too.


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