Why you need a technology roadmap

Digitalization is a game changer for industry, an enabler to step changes in safety, productivity, cost efficiency, and overall performance. But given the large number of solutions on offer, selecting and rolling-out the best blend of technologies can be a daunting and challenging task.

Point solutions easily create individual pockets of value, but the real opportunity for transformational value creation lies in integrating neighboring value-chain functions.

The impact on personnel, the need to adapt work processes and workflows, and the availability of suitable infrastructure are all important, critical success factors to consider when attempting to maximize the effects of a successful digitalization program.

A detailed technology roadmap with step-by-step directions that guide you from departure to destination can make all the difference.

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The right technology roadmap integrates people, processes, and technology holistically

To build and manage a successful holistic program for digital transformation, you need concrete operational experience and judgment, the kind that can provide a robust, practical direction to your roadmap. Hatch can assist you with:

Framework development for technology and digital strategy

  • We leverage our robust, proven framework for technology and digital strategy development, starting with a clear top-down vision driven by operational and business objectives.
  • The framework synthesizes your operational needs, best-in-class practices and technologies, and current digital project programs to customize a prioritized digital project portfolio.

Operational engagement

  • Offering deep domain knowledge in mining, metals, infrastructure, and energy, we can calibrate strategy development from the bottom up with operational experience and judgement.

Business case development

  • We help build and understand the business case, which is anchored in practical knowledge and experience in the relevant sector, including a deep understanding of the effort needed to deploy at scale.


  • Using benchmark data for a variety of digital technologies applied to your industry sector, we can validate the business case for digital transformation—CAPEX, OPEX, and benefit metrics.

Digital Program Management Office

  • You need proof-of-concept piloting and technology development, proof-of-value piloting, and value assessment that's developed specifically for your operation, in your own environment. We can provide it.


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