World population is expected to grow to over 9-billion people by 2050. People will need to continue to travel and obtain things, so finding a way for transportation to grow with the population in a green, environmentally friendly way is key.

Communities should begin planning now for the future with forward-thinking, integrated transit plans. The ever-more-complex movements of people and goods must be properly planned and designed in order to avoid costly retrofits or upgrades.


Roads and streetscapes

Adding new transportation infrastructure or rehabilitating existing assets can have a ripple effect, affecting the efficiency and ease-of-access to a city or municipality. Working with you, we implement projects that establish a distinct identity, adding value to the area, and are a continuing source of community pride. You need a partner who can help, not only with the design and engineering, but with construction services, either by representing the municipality as owner, or in an oversight role for developer-sponsored projects.

Urban transit

Whether you're considering a new build or an expansion, we can partner with you to identify the most effective engineering solutions. We understand of safely delivering a successful rail project: site constraints, right-of-way issues, and the challenges of integrating within an operating railroad. All while considering stakeholder and community concerns and environmental mitigation options. It’s a delicate balancing act.

Major roads and highways

Function and economy can be complementary, even with tight budgetary, environmental, social, and developmental constraints. Experience counts when it comes to optimizing the mix of upfront capital expenditures and ongoing upgrades, maintenance, and operating costs. The proof is the roads and bridges we have designed and built in places as remote and diverse as South Africa's hot, dry Kalahari Desert; East Africa's wet tropics; and the Canadian Arctic's permafrost.

Dynamic simulation & Gateway LogisticsTM

We locate problem areas and evaluate opportunities, helping stakeholders better understand the implications of planning decisions. Within Hatch well-experienced industrial engineers use dynamic simulation tools such as Arena, Gensym G2, and others to enable solution developments and allow for integration between various components of the supply chain.

Master planning

The key to successful growth in a community or city is careful planning. Critical infrastructure strategies call for adequate budgeting to ensure the right improvements meet demands in a cost-effective manner. We have prepared master planning documents for private utilities, as well as counties, authorities, and municipalities.


Kevin Reilly & Lauren Bradford

Strengthening Safety Management Legislation for US Transit Agencies

Kevin Reilly & Lauren Bradford
The bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will trigger changes in the Federal Transit Law that will affect safety management. At Hatch, we are uniquely positioned to assist transportation agencies in understanding and addressing this new legislation.
Sam Watson

The (haul) road to success

Sam Watson
The average person most likely doesn’t see the value in haul roads. But for mining clients, who use them over 300 times a day to transport materials to and from a site, they are worth their weight in gold.
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