Our People

Solutions, not structure.

We are passionately committed to the pursuit of a better world through positive change. To tackle the tough challenges of today—and tomorrow—we need to draw upon the world’s greatest minds and create an inclusive culture that generates innovation and ingenuity, regardless of your race, gender, religion, sexual orientation and yes, status. That’s why we strive to be a truly flat organization. We aim to nurture a culture where everyone can be a leader, where all employees can challenge the status quo. We refer to ourselves as entrepreneurs with a technical soul. Each and every person at Hatch is encouraged to tackle every day with that entrepreneurial spirit. Every door is open. Every idea is welcome. Every challenge accepted.

Our people are striving to change the world. Here are some of their stories.  


Mike Zegaras

Senior Tunnel Inspector, Tunnels

Herman Potgieter

Regional Manager, Control, Automation, and Electrical

Merrin Keir

Engineering Manager, Project Delivery Group

Pallavi Lal

Global Director, Vehicles and Operations

Nicole Altman

Process Engineer, Metals

Allison Lunde

Midwest Regional Manager, Hydropower & Dams

Riley McMillan

Engineer, Infrastructure, Tunnels

Taniya Uppal

Project manager, Transit

Fabiola Sartini

Advisory Consultant, Business Analyst - Senior, Advisory Analysts, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Duncan Mallord

Project Manager, Adelaide, Australia

Martin Dodge

Regional Manager for Québec, Hydropower and Dams

Christine Sigmen

Mechanical Engineer

Chelsie Klassen

Global Director, Community Engagement and Social Performance, Associate, Environment and Sustainability (E&S)

Raya Smertina

Project Manager, Ports and Terminals

Joe Groeneveld

Senior Hydrotechnical Engineer, Hydropower & Dams

Gisella Mulder

Regional Lead, Industrial Clean Technologies, AEM

Mateus Candian

Lead, Controls, Automation & Electrical (CA&E), Brazil​ 

Richard Brooks

​Regional Manager, Controls, Automation & Electrical (CA&E), USA

Carmen Giesbrecht

Structural Engineer, Project Delivery Group

Caitlin Roos

Piping Engineer, Piping Engineering

Matthew Lawson

Project Manager, Transit – Linear Infrastructure and Facilities

Paul Krawchuk

Global Director, Upstream Oil & Gas

Joshua Nelson

Principal Project Director, Transportation

Claudia Quinzio

Director, Human Resources, South America

Jim Sarvinis

Managing Director, Power

Julie Harvey

Project Manager, Project Management & Construction

Álvaro Gaete

Senior Consultant, Project Delivery Group

Helen Adamson

Lead Engineer, Hydrometallurgy

Jimi Adoumie

Contracts and Procurement Management

Kristi McLachlan

Infrastructure Director, Eastern Region

Parshin Vaghefi

Team Lead, Hydrotechnical

Jennifer Woloshyn

Commercialization Program Manager, Technologies Innovation

Bennie Vorster

Regional Director, Rail & Transit

Ashley Greaves

Project Consultant

Board of Directors

John Bianchini, Chairman & CEO
Joe Lombard, Vice-Chairman 
Robert Francki, Global Managing Director, Energy & Climate Change
Michael Schatz, Global Managing Director, Infrastructure
Nils Voermann, Global Managing Director, Advisory, Digital, Environment, & Technologies
James Marzocca, Global Managing Director, Project Management & Construction
Randy McMeekin, Global Managing Director, Engineering