East Harbour Transit Hub

The Cadillac Fairview Corporation & Metrolinx | Canada | 2015-Ongoing

Will be the second-busiest train station in the GO network

One of the largest commercial developments in Canada

A whole new commuting experience

Primary mode of transportation to/from the development is transit


  • The Cadillac Fairview East Harbour Development is a signature 13 million square foot development that required strategic oversight and engineering services to connect office, retail, and public realm structures with a new rail and transit hub.


  • The strategy and development of 13 million square feet of commercial development integrated with office, retail, and public space.
  • At maturity, the train station will be the second-busiest in the GO network, following Toronto's Union Station.
  • Light rail, cycling, and pedestrian connections, as well as high frequency GO Regional Express Rail will give this new urban environment a whole new commuting experience.
  • Will connect the East Harbour Development with the Greater Golden Horseshoe mega-city region and Toronto Pearson International Airport through sustainable and high-capacity transit.



  • Hatch provided strategic oversight and management of the transit hub project, complimented by engineering and architectural services to support the development of the train station, transit hub, and 13 million square feet of commercial development.
  • Hatch brought in-depth knowledge of stakeholders and partners including all levels of government and relevant government agencies to work closely with Cadillac Fairview's senior executive teams.
  • Developed customized frameworks for decision-making aimed at contextualizing issues for different audiences.
  • Notable services provided included a financing strategy, stakeholder outreach strategy, new frameworks of analysis, and comprehensive analysis for optimizing the station design and area.


Project numbers

13 million square feet of commercial development
Development initiated by First Gulf and acquired by CF in 2019

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