Every asset owner is looking to do more with less. One of the best ways to begin is by identifying projects to improve reliability and quality, to stabilize production, and meet increasingly stringent safety and environmental regulations. 

In today’s market, the objective is rarely about increasing production. The focus is on greater efficiency and agility for grade changes, production ramp-up and ramp-down, and operations startups and shutdowns. A simple, worthwhile proposition. But where do you start?

Systems engineering is a discovery process. It begins with investigating and finding the real problems that need to be resolved, and identifying the most probable or highest-impact failures that can occur. The goal is to create a blueprint that guides improvement. But that's only the first step.

With limited budgets, how do you prioritize these projects to maximize the return on your investment? With operations as complex as they are, a bigger-picture approach can be useful. But it can deter from highly specialized, technical abilities. The right partner can help identify and prioritize targeted systems and process-control projects that generate significant, quick returns with minimal outlays. The result? Improved overall operations like never before.


Trusted partner

Typically, networking, industrial IT, automation, and instrumentation-improvement projects are identified, implemented, and commissioned. Then, you reap the benefits. But it doesn't – shouldn’t – stop there. Working closely with you and your technology suppliers, we deploy technical teams that analyze the challenges, follow through to commissioning, and then stay to support the transition. We provide solutions that meet your specific needs and transfer knowledge to your staff for operation readiness.

Improving existing operations 

With expert knowledge of the metals and mining, energy, and infrastructure sectors, we help you get the most from your investments. Our multidisciplinary teams study the feasibility of new projects to enhance your asset portfolio. We work with you to assess and solve your most complex problems, developing specific systems and automation strategies to eliminate them. As your operation evolves, the control of your processes must, too.  A streamlined and structured opportunity study can quickly identify strategic savings and agility gains. We can help identify appropriate solutions, from simple regulatory controls to large-scale, complex, multivariable strategies.   

Systems integration and migration

Technology and systems suppliers know their own products. But in the real world, successful implementation usually requires additional coordination and integration. We  are technologically neutral. We take a holistic and collaborative approach, identifying and managing all activities, reconciling the overall objectives and each stakeholder’s specific requirements. The result is quick commissioning and a smooth ramp-up for both brownfield and greenfield projects.

Advanced process control and process optimization

Advanced process control and process optimization improves efficiency, reduces costs, and enhances product quality. These services are particularly valuable for complex and large-scale industrial operations where small improvements can result in significant gains in production output, energy savings, and reduced waste. By implementing advanced process control techniques and optimizing process parameters, facilities can achieve better process stability, higher product quality, and increased productivity. Moreover, process optimization can help facilities comply with environmental regulations and reduce their carbon footprint, contributing to a more sustainable operation. Ultimately, implementing advanced process control and optimization can help a facility achieve its business objectives and enhance its competitive advantage in the market.

Digital transformation

New instrumentation, automation and management systems are introduced on the market more often than before. Many can disrupt traditional models and procedures. A partner with an innovative mindset, one who understands your operations and challenges, will work with you through the ideation and implementation process. We’ll help you identify potential applications, validate the benefits, control the risks and adopt new solutions that give you a competitive advantage. 

Operational support

Existing operations need help. From planning post-project support through to its handover, we work seamlessly with your teams. We find ways to help improve your operations from complete remote-support solutions to local, day-to-day technical assistance. Our objective is the same as yours: constant improvement of production facilities and better performance.


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Campaign life assessment and extension of melt shop cranes

Author(s) M. Ross, C. Long, M. Maleki, L. dos Santos, I. Cruz, K. Braun, R.A. MacCrimmon, R. Monteiro, H. Ghorbani
This paper was prepared for Technical contribution to the 76° Congresso Anual da ABM - International, part of the ABM Week 7th edition, August 1st-3rd, 2023, Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil
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