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There's serious competition for the use of water. Water-resource and power-system operators need to consider and improve how they manage this valuable resource, always bearing in mind and balancing the constraints imposed by power generation; flood control; management of drought risks, recreation, maintaining water quality, irrigation, domestic and industrial users, the fishing industry, and more.

In addition, waterpower-systems operators and hydroelectric utilities need to identify the best scenarios for maximizing revenues in the electricity market, using long-term contracts and spot-energy market transactions. Ancillary service requirements must be considered, too. Finding the best ways to manage operations is particularly challenging for utilities that must coordinate multiple generation sources in addition to hydro, such as wind, solar, and thermal generation.

Given the growing evidence for global climate change and the declining snow pack in recent decades, better inflow forecasting tools are required. A significant amount of hydrological data has been compiled. It can be overwhelming unless it's managed well, with the best, most up-to-date tools and analytics.


Vista DSS™ suite

This leading software is regarded by many as the world’s premiere commercial system. It's a toolbox used by system operators, dispatchers, and engineering-operations staff to help determine long-term storage planning and management, short-term (hourly time resolution) scheduling, and real-time dispatch. Vista DSS™ is what you need to help achieve the maximum value for your water resource and generation systems

Data management modules

You data handling and information needs are all right here.

  • Data Vista – For handling and accessing static system data
  • RT Data Vista – For accessing and analyzing real-time data
  • Xchange Vista – Defines opportunities to buy or sell energy
  • Vista Services – Downloads real-time data, calculating project outflow

Analysis and forecasting modules

  • Inflow Vista – To define and derives inflow forecasts
  • Load Vista – To download and derives energy-demand forecasts

Operations optimization modules

  • LT Vista – This provides medium- to long-term water storage and energy-generation management that guides water operations, hydrothermal generation, and energy transactions.
  • ST Vista – Handles short-term energy generation and transaction scheduling.
  • RT Vista – The system for real-time energy dispatch, including unit commitment and loading.

Study module

AUTO Vista analyzes detailed system operations for multiple hydrological scenarios. The periods of study can extend from one to many years.

Reporting module

Report Vista can produce and generate custom reports for all dynamic data.


  • Delivers 2–5% increase in hydro-plant energy production and a 5–10% increase in revenue by reservoir and plant-operation optimization.
  • Eases the automation of working processes.
  • Improves safety and minimizes the risk of costly flood-damage repairs.
  • Increases returns on new capital investments.
  • Deals effectively with environmental issues and improves public image.
  • Reduces operational and business risks.



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