Magnesium and green technology go hand-in-hand. As the world grows more aware of the need to sustain and nourish the planet, the demand for magnesium grows, too.

In emerging markets especially, there is demand for more cars even as emission standards get tighter. This is triggering a race to build lighter, more energy-efficient, and recyclable vehicles. Auto industry analysts are on board, saying magnesium may be the right material for the job. It's light. It's adaptable. And it's easy to recycle.

Magnesium's green credentials still need to be confirmed. To tip the verdict, there is a need to reduce its greenhouse-gas footprint in primary production. At the same time, work the process-technology-and-automation options to reduce the cost of getting it to the marketplace.


Raw materials extraction & beneficiation

Working with clients and partners all over the world, we've grown our experience and expertise in the extraction and beneficiation of carbonates, chlorides, and oxide ores of magnesium.

Front-end process development & design

Front-end processing is often the most complex and critical aspect of primary magnesium production. It's here that raw materials are converted into feedstock for the reduction process. Front-end processes are often unique to the specific raw material being mined, and the way they're managed sets the stage for meeting quality requirements further downstream. For example, at the front end, an electrolytic plant may begin with a carbonate but ultimately deliver a chloride.

Reduction process

These encompass high-temperature treatments for oxides that use a reductant such as silicon or aluminum, as well as electrolytic processes that typically process chlorides. We have substantial experience in both routes and the wide range of technologies that exist within each.

Melt treatment & casting

We have extensive and recent experience with all casting technologies, and have developed our own in the area of direct chill casting. We customize solutions to suit our clients' unique operations, adding value by combining process, technology, and operations knowledge with proven expertise in project delivery.

Downstream process plant design

The downstream-processing options we offer our clients include strip production via ingot metallurgy or roll casting, forging, punch press forming, and both HPDC and LPDC processes.

Utilities & off-gas handling systems design

Off-gas management is always important. But it becomes critical in electrolytic magnesium plants because of its toxicity and its value as a byproduct. We are experienced in the design of chlorine off-gas handling systems as well as those for other more conventional gases.


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