It's no longer just about being on time and on budget. In the world of project management, organizations need to find new ways to do more with less.

In the mining and metals and energy sectors, stakeholders continue to demand results despite serious market challenges. Projects are becoming increasingly complex and more remote. Capital to back them is more difficult to secure than ever before. Existing plants and operations are being subjected to ever-increasing government regulations that handcuff expansion projects.

In the infrastructure sector, populations are urbanizing at an unprecedented rate. Cities cannot keep up. Governments need to invest in smarter cities and transportation, and deal with serious issues of water scarcity. But many are strapped by debt that mounts higher and higher, year after year.

Project management isn't just about delivering new programs, structures, and operations anymore. It's about finding new ways to improve efficiency, to address larger social issues, and balance short-term gains with long-term forecasts. Because the world needs things to be done right, right away. Now more than ever.


Project execution planning

Projects need a customized project-management strategy, built on global expertise, innovative delivery tools, and led by the most experienced project managers in the business. As your partner, we do our homework. We explore new ways to not just improve project-delivery efficiencies today, but to recommend and implement the right, best strategies to set you up for the future.

Program management

Challenging markets mean less large-scale projects and an emphasis on improvement projects. Comprehensive program-management strategies help asset owners manage improvement projects across all their sites effectively.

Health and safety management

You need project-leader partners who will align with you, identifying potential design, construction, operations, and maintenance risks right from the onset. Safety plans must be developed, reviewed, implemented, and communicated throughout the project life cycle. All our programs are specially designed to best fit the culture and location of the project.

Risk management

Unmanaged risk on a project threatens revenue and can cause serious harm. Effective risk-management specialists work closely with you to develop risk mitigation and management strategies for your project. Workshops, led by some of the most experienced personnel in the industry, help project teams to identify risks, assess them objectively, and prioritize them for further action.

Quality management

Superior quality-management systems focus on more than just delivering the best results for your projects. They identify and implement new ways to improve your projects...continuously, with new methods, solutions, and services that improve project outcomes.


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