Risk can be difficult to discuss objectively without historical, personal, or operational biases. And the tolerance for risk may not be well understood either within an organization. The challenge then is to develop a systematic and bias-free approach that can identify and assess the risks and opportunities to support your strategic decisions and maximize the risk-adjusted returns on your invested capital.


Hatch can help you understand and develop an independent and robust risk management plan to mitigate the risks and monitor compliance, from common failures to a broad range of catastrophic risks across the lifecycle of your assets.

Catastrophic risk assessment

Structured and data-driven assurance assessments that focus on confirmation that critical preventative controls are valid and in place to mitigate the occurrence and impact of highly unlikely, but highly impactful risk events. Driven by experienced subject matter experts, our approach, aligned with the International Council for Mining and Metals principles, unearths real risks and puts in place engineering controls to eliminate or reduce the potential of a catastrophic event.

Value at risk modeling

Comprehensive risk identification and quantification for a risk-adjusted valuation of your portfolio of investment opportunities that is free of cognitive biases.

Enterprise risk management

We help you understand the potential hazards that could interfere with your organization’s operations and objectives so you can enhance the resiliency and protect the value of your business.

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