Now more than ever, clients are looking to incorporate diverse and inclusive (D&I) engineering designs that incorporate the needs of all operational stakeholders and end users. D&I Design focuses on incorporating human beliefs, ideas, and opinions to enable an inclusive workforce. This perspective includes a person’s age, race, gender, ability, economic status, and culture, along with anything that may influence diversity of thought, such as experience, perspective, education, and skillset.

By enabling a more diverse population to contribute and succeed in their environment, D&I Design brings new ideas in, fosters a safer and healthier environment, increases productivity, and improves performance.

Expanding your potential

D&I Design strategy is a continuous process that should constantly be evaluated. It can be challenging to implement because it involves changing deep-rooted traditions of thinking and identifying aspects that need to be improved.

To deliver the most inclusive and accessible solutions, we have developed a six-step process:

Diverse & Inclusive Design


  • Collect a diverse set of ideas and perspectives
  • Consult with stakeholders to understand their needs
  • Remove barriers by fostering an inclusive project environment
  • Design for all, not just the majority of individuals
  • Create tools that help incorporate D&I Design considerations
  • Improve by seeking areas to strengthen D&I Design implementation.

The impact

The incorporation of D&I Design introduces positive social change by eliminating systemic barriers and supporting the engagement of minority groups. These benefits are achieved through greater project team diversity and the consideration of stakeholder perspectives.

D&I Design furthers our commitment to strengthening diversity and inclusion in the global community. As a leading organization in engineering consulting, management, and project development, we understand the importance of Hatch adopting diversity and inclusion into our business and design practices.

Your solution

We design solutions with diversity and inclusion in mind.

Our D&I Design team can help audit, organize, and improve existing facilities, and assist in developing internal D&I Design procedures that encourage inclusive business practices. Ultimately, we create better solutions by embedding D&I Design within every project we deliver.

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Jocelyn Lim

Exploring the importance of diversity in engineering project teams

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Studies have shown that diverse teams are smarter, happier, healthier, and more likely to form thoughtful decisions and deep connections as a group. With the current lack of diversity in engineering, how can we leverage what we know about diversity and use this within our project design teams?
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While Diversity & Inclusion is one of the core values of any progressive company, there is no set pathway to getting there. A good first step is identifying barriers that prevent inclusion from being accomplished. Let's examine how physical ability can be a barrier for inclusion when lifting weights and look at design changes that can combat this.
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