Coal has been a vital part of the world’s energy supply for generations. Even now in the 21st century, the appetite for coal to power industrial development is not abating. Despite concern for climate change and global warming, the use of coal is expected to escalate, with developing countries responsible for as much as 97% of the increase. 

Still, economic volatility will likely create challenging conditions for coal mining companies for years to come. With global supply outstripping demand, the market price of coal has dropped significantly. Shrinking revenues, increasing environmental regulations, and greater awareness of its role in climate change has led coal miners to look for innovative solutions to ensure their businesses survive...even thrive.

Getting the most value from coal resources of every kind, in a sustainable, environmentally sensitive, regulation-compliant manner, has never been more important.

Coal Capabilities

Coal Mine Development

Hatch offers leading capabilities in mine development and geological support services. This range of expertise supports an integrated approach to resource development, mine design optimization, mine planning, management systems, equipment selection and cost analysis

Coal Handling and Processing

Our process design team works with clients for the evaluation of coal quality data, development of model, detailed design, equipment selection through to operational readiness and commissioning. Our project development services include resource estimation, mine planning, project scoping, conceptual engineering, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies.

Coal Infrastructure, Rail and Ports

A key difference of Hatch's service offerings to the coal sector is the ability to provide a holistic value chain based approach to coal infrastructure. Hatch offers and integrated coal infrastructure package for all components in the supply chain from developing, designing and construction management of coal mining operations including processing, handling through to infrastructure and transportation.

Operational Performance & Readiness

At the core of Hatch's business is our ability to help our clients achieve the most from their assets. We don't just build and say goodbye. We're there to ensure that our operations ramp up into stable and reliable operations, that they achieve optimal performance and reliability and that they are maintained, repaired and optimized in the best way possible.


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Coal brochure

Coal brochure 

Coal has been a vital part of the world’s energy supply for generations. Even now in the 21st century, industrial developments and installations have an appetite for coal produced power that is not abating.

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