Across the metals, energy, and infrastructure sectors, stakeholders are becoming more ecologically aware. Communities and governments are demanding higher environmental standards. Global expansion of the extractive and energy sectors, coupled with the consolidation of ownership and assets, has made development projects more visible. This has triggered growing interest, demands, and assertiveness by host governments, communities, investors, and civil society organizations, especially when the environment is at risk.

When development comes to their door, local communities and Aboriginal and indigenous people increasingly expect industry to engage in meaningful dialogue, and for the planning process to be open, inclusive, and participatory.

Changes to the climate are already visible, and the world is recognizing the urgency of curbing emissions to avoid  the dangerous effects of climate change. Sustained and universal efforts in all sectors of the economy must be made to slow down and ultimately stop climate change before irreversible damage is done.


Environmental permitting and regulatory compliance

Failure to develop an environmental regulatory strategy can cause costly project delays. Preparing an effective permitting strategy involves knowing both the relevant regulations and technical aspects of a project. We're experienced and knowledgeable with respect to permitting and regulatory compliance in many jurisdictions, and have consistently shown our ability to meet your regulatory and stakeholder expectations.

Environmental and social-impact assessment and management

Many projects, particularly in heavy-industry sectors, are subject to environmental and social-impact assessments and management processes. Requirements vary across jurisdictions and projects, but are based on a common framework. We provide an assessment-and-management approach that integrates environmental, community, and social matters, giving you the ability to cost-effectively manage issues throughout project development.

Sustainable strategies and programs

Profitable and innovative solutions are often found if sustainable-development principles and strategies are integrated early in a project’s life cycle and then carried throughout its phases. Linking sustainability objectives to development outcomes supports strategic decision-making, especially for long-term projects that face regulatory uncertainty.

Climate change

If we're going to mitigate the most severe climate-change impacts, we'll need immediate and sustained actions to drive down greenhouse gas emissions and keep them below a critical threshold. It will require transformative change across all sectors of the economy, using innovative technologies and binding commitments at an international level. Simultaneously, programs that enhance climate resilience, especially in vulnerable regions, are essential for adapting to a changing climate.

UN Global Compact CoP ReportDownload

United Nations Global Compact CoP Report

Hatch releases inaugural United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) Communication on Progress (CoP) Report, highlighting our commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in our pursuit of a better world through positive change.

In our CoP, we express our support for the UNGC, provide an update of the progress we have made by providing tangible metrics and examples of the relevant SDGs we can help advance, and define our path forward. The report focuses on four core areas of focus: human rights, labor standards, environment, and anti-corruption. While we pursue climate action, we recognize that society must also maintain the rights and aspirations of communities in developing economies to prosper, requiring access to affordable, cleaner energy, and just energy transitions that help lift people from poverty.

Community Engagement and Social Performance



Heather Royston

Engineering solutions in the fight against climate change

Heather Royston
In recognition of World Environment Day, world leaders reconnected where it first began fifty years ago on June 5, Sweden once again hosted world leaders in the call for collective, transformative action to celebrate, protect, and restore our planet.
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