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Unleash the full potential of your assets and organization

It's essential that capital projects and asset portfolios achieve their objectives, deliver on expectations, and help you realize your long-term vision. Whether you’re looking to capitalize on the full transformative power of digitization, recapture eroding margins, take advantage of shifting market conditions, manage risks more holistically, conduct a successful transaction, or ensure your operations reach nameplate capacity faster, your ultimate goal is to create and secure value for your organization.

In the midst of rapid market changes and technological development, you expect quality, comprehensive and practical insights, and solutions to address the technical, social, environmental, and financial challenges that you and your stakeholders are facing.

Value-driven advisor solutions implemented

We work closely with you from the initial idea to the full implementation of solutions to help you bring your vision to life and deliver sustainable results. We aspire to unleash the full potential of your assets and organization by assisting you in completing the right financial transactions and business transitions, developing winning strategies to achieve a competitive advantage in your markets, improving your core processes and systems, and driving the right behaviors throughout your organization.

Get real results, faster

We bring over 60 years of innovation and award-winning excellence in project and operational expertise to provide you with evidence-based advisory services that are effective and reliable. Using our blend of deep technical, social, environmental, and business expertise, we advise clients on a wide range of projects across the metals, energy, and infrastructure sectors to unlock greater value.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Transaction services: lender and owner advisors, M&A due diligence
  • Strategy and technology: business case analysis, procurement and delivery strategy, market studies, operating model, organization design, execution strategy, technology and carbon abatement roadmaps, social license, and community engagement
  • Risk management: risk identification and mitigation, including climate-change risks
  • Capital productivity: project value improvement, productivity optimization, debottlenecking and throughput improvement, turnaround planning, and execution support
  • Operational readiness, commissioning, and ramp-up: planning, execution management, and support
  • Business transformation and improvement: business process optimization, organizational enablement, project management office, implementation, and execution support


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