Few materials have the ability to multitask like aluminum. Its strength, durability, recyclability, and light weight make it the go-to choice for a wide and diverse range of applications.

In the auto sector particularly, the environmental imperatives of the 2020 Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards mean the pressure to make lighter-weight vehicles will continue. This change in the auto manufacturing process is expected to drive up demand for aluminum by as much as 100 Mtpa over the next 20 years.

To keep step with this anticipated demand, primary production capacity will need to grow and be more energy-efficient than ever. Aluminum producers will need to find the best, most cost-effective ways to maximize production from both greenfield and brownfield projects if they are to make the most of the emerging bull market for their product.


Center of Excellence for Aluminium

You have access to a group of specialists in aluminium that provide independent and unbiased opinion and reviews. Our team is dedicated to projects in aluminium and is organized by key practices. The Center of Excellence includes the following capabilities:


You need a partner who understands your business and how it operates. Our extensive knowledge and experience in reduction-technology assessment and selection extends to: mass and energy balances; amperage creep and debottlenecking; time and motion studies; material handling; custom design and optimization of potroom equipment; design and installation of booster circuits; analysis, design, and emergency repair of busbars.


You benefit from our experience designing and developing all aspects of the carbon plant. Starting with identifying critical and common problems, we determine throughput restrictions and propose inexpensive equipment upgrades. Our knowledge of the process and industry’s best, available technology means you get solutions to increase production, change anode size to support amperage increases at the potroom and retrofit equipment. We find strategies for upgrading green anode plants, rebuilding anode-baking furnaces, and implement anode-slotting machines and dynamic simulations (ARENA) to establish real production capacities, capital effectiveness and operational efficiency. Last but not least, our integrated engineering team can also address concerns related to the bake furnace firing control system, anode handling equipment, furnace cranes, concrete furnace tub, operating platforms as well as impacts to the fume treatment center and fume ducts to ensure all aspects of your furnace project have captured.


Refractories have a major influence on the operating cost and bottom line of any aluminium smelting plant. The initial refractory material cost is significant, but the “full life value” including loss of production and unexpected failures can be more significant. Achieving the best “whole of life value” requires a fully integrated management system. Close cooperation between Our process experts and our refractory technology group allows us to assist with refractory-specific needs across the entire aluminium smelting process including reduction cells, anode bake furnaces, ladles, and aluminium holding furnaces.

We have undertaken numerous anode baking furnace constructions, renovations, and rebuilds which have included design, materials selection, procurement, supply chain logistics, installation, and quality control. Refractory maintenance and rebuild strategies have been developed to reduce the impact on operations and minimize the anode production losses. Refractory experts are experienced in all stages of refractory design and commissioning. We also offer evaluation services including condition assessment, project management, contractor selection, specifications, manufacturing, installation quality control, and ongoing operational support.


With extensive process and equipment know-how across all areas of casthouse operations, you'll have a partner with key expertise in furnace optimization; liquid metal handling and treatment; ingot casting; DC casting, including HDC; and ingot processing. Recent greenfield and brownfield projects include facilities for slab, billet, sow and rod.


The environment is always a key concern four our clients. Our leading team for environmental technologies devices strategies to reduce or prevent emissions of fluoride, dust and SO2. This is achieved through applying technologies or changing work practices. Our specialists are trained in equipment design and developed process models to anticipate the changes in emissions. We work with all OEMs to bring the right solutions to our clients. We also specialize in fields such as SPL and SO2 scrubbing to assist our clients to make good decisions on managing their air emissions and solid wastes.

High-voltage substations

With services that span conceptual design, feasibility studies, system expansion, and the implementation of greenfield projects, we cater to your distinct needs. From load flows, short-circuits, insulation, and protection coordination, to harmonics studies and site measurements. We have analyzed and implemented more than 50 substation upgrade projects.

Systems and process control

It's big-picture thinking. Our clients come to us for global end-to-end systems-integration services tailored specifically to the aluminum industry. There can be substantial savings and big reductions in the risks associated with integration when a single cohesive team designs, programs, and commissions all aspects of the software systems. Then we up the value again, adding our business functional experts to the mix.

Downstream processing & recycling

After aluminum production, there's still lots to do. We're experienced in brownfield and greenfield developments and optimization: rolling; strip processing; coating and finishing; extrusion; and recycling. Our services extend to automation systems; rolling mill audits; plant studies; training; process analysis; modeling; and cross-the-board optimization.


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