City of Mississauga Economic Development Strategy 2020-2025

City of Mississauga | Canada | 2019-2020

A new economic development growth strategy for Mississauga

Partnership between businesses, agencies, and all levels of government

A more inclusive and sustainable economic development agenda


  • The strategy needed to create opportunities for exploiting digital technology solutions, innovating for sustainable solutions, and competition for talent, whilst addressing challenges such as city identity, sustainable transit, downtown regeneration, housing affordability, and intense competition from other regions/cities within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).
  • Ambitions set out in the strategy seek to further expand the city’s economy, enhance its relative competitiveness, and project its innovation credentials.
  • The strategy includes an action/delivery plan which sets out how the city and partners can deliver sustained growth, harnessing substantial assets within Mississauga and the wider GTA to drive the next generation of prosperity.


  • Hatch worked with the municipality to develop an economic development strategy that guides Mississauga’s growth for the next ten years.
  • The Mississauga Economic Development Strategy for 2020-2025 was built through consensus, drawing from relevant stakeholders and economic actors, to set out the city’s priorities for growth and prosperity.
  • The strategy builds on current policies to further develop the economic relationship with the Greater Toronto Area and address challenges including digital technology, sustainability, and competition for talent and position the city as an anchor within the Innovation Corridor.
  • The forward-looking plan aligns with globally important priorities, such as the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.


  • An extensive data collection that sets out trends, comparative advantages, assets, sectors, and relationships.
  • An economic strategy with a ten-year vision for sustainable economic growth in Mississauga.
  • An accompanying action and delivery plan of investment priorities and interventions to maximize economic and social returns for the city’s residents and businesses, alongside tools to monitor impact and take accountability of progress.
  • Significant consultation with stakeholders across the city, GTA, and province, along with analysis of the city’s business base and local and residential population.
  • Successfully defined the future role of the Mississauga Economic Development Office, set out a framework for partnership, and highlighted key intervention priorities.
  • Hatch developed an excellent relationship with the client and established new contacts across the city and wider GTA.

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