Capital-intensive operations face a special set of risks in their daily businesses. Asset fatigue, deterioration, or damage can threaten the reliability of their production and add significant safety concerns. When major assets fail or need repair, unplanned downtime can bring operations to a grinding halt. That can mean substantial production losses.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Customized asset-integrity design and remediation solutions can help prevent these costly downtimes and mitigate many safety risks.

Your most effective partners must be able to provide services and advice that help assess and manage the integrity of the physical assets that are so critical to your business—whether it's structures on mines and stockpile yards, rail-loading facilities, industrial plants, or ports and marine terminals.



Structural-asset specialists provide world-class expertise to help you manage your physical assets cost-effectively. Our services can be applied at every phase of a project, from concept to implementation. This includes engineering, structural detailing, capital-cost estimating, scheduling, construction supervision, procurement, as well as project and program management.

Comprehensive design reviews

Our clients often ask us to review designs created or carried out by others. We have specialists who can assess the integrity of physical assets, advise you, and offer design alternatives to better-manage risk, improve performance reliability, reduce cost, and mitigate future issues. We also conduct finite element analysis (FEA) of critical asset components to review high-stress areas in greater detail.

New solutions for existing assets

Existing structures need to be inspected and monitored regularly. These inspections help to prioritize and further implement any required repairs based on their structural risks; operational security; occupational health-and-safety risks; the need for extended asset-life expectancy; and streamlined maintenance. We implement innovative and cost-effective repairs, and schedule them to take place during planned shutdowns when the risk and disruption to ongoing operations is least.

Reviving failed assets

Accidents happen. Machines break down. Equipment stops running. Major capital assets can become damaged or even fail due to unforeseen circumstances. The challenge for operations teams is to quickly and safely repair them and bring them back on line. We respond quickly to any urgent requests for assistance. We leverage the full range of our in-depth expertise to deal with challenging or unexpected situations. And we always provide innovative, cost-effective, and customized solutions for asset refurbishment and lifespan extension.


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