Growing economies and populations are escalating the demands for transport, energy, housing, water, communications, and waste management.

In developing countries, mass urbanization is driving capital development. Recent estimates have forecasted a global spend of US$9 trillion per annum by 2025. In established economies, limited government funding and tighter budgets will drive more private participation to help replace or refurbish existing infrastructure.

These market challenges demand new solutions. They call for better, more directed ways of working. If we're going to succeed, we'll need to leverage past knowledge and marry it to smarter, emerging technologies to ensure resource efficiency and long-term competitiveness.

Communities and companies must look for partners who are able to think ahead, predict future challenges, and provide options to overcome Innovative approaches to the toughest problems need agility and knowledge, coupled with a solid foundation of technical and business skills.


Infrastructure financial & economic advisory

Paying for and recognizing the complete value of infrastructure investments has become a critical part of delivery. We offer sound, reliable economic and advisory services that support business planning, acquisitions and divestitures, public-private partnerships, and revenue maximization tools for large-scale development projects.

Economic, real estate & fiscal analysis

Deciding on the best option for a big investment is easier when you can make considered comparisons. Our experts can provide economic analyses of options, present ROI and net-present value on real estate and infrastructure investments, and deliver fiscal impact and market analyses. They can develop sustainable, triple-bottom-line analyses and build supportive business cases. All leading to maximized utility and a considered, optimal decision.

Master planning

The key to successful growth and change management in a community or city is careful planning. Critical infrastructure strategies need adequate budgeting to ensure improvements meet demands cost-effectively. We have prepared master-planning documents for public agencies, private utilities, and counties, authorities, and municipalities.

Urban transit

Whether it's a new build or an expansion, you need a partner who can help identify effective, implementable solutions to complex urban-transportation challenges. Building on our engineering experience of efficiently delivering successful projects, our team considers fiscal, economic, and social impacts to deliver seamless transportation integration.

Integrated water management

Effective water management encompasses a full range of options, mitigating pollution's impact to the overall environment and localized urban areas. Program elements are best selected using sustainable design and lifecycle cost analyses. Addressing fiscal community needs helps promote compliance that's affordable to ratepayers. Sewage collection, stormwater control, and receiving-water-body quality must integrate to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Climate change & resiliency planning

Carbon reduction will lead to radical changes in how we use our cities. Buildings will be greener. Development will be sustainable and more focused on transit options. Utilities will perform better in financial, social, and environmental terms, and data will serve users as well as providers to ensure optimization for both perspectives. Our experts can help you plan for a resilient future.



The blueprint to creating thriving green streets that increase foot traffic and trade

Peter Ciemitis
How do you turn an underused, unattractive urban cul-de-sac into a lively, multi-purpose civic space that perfectly balances people, greenery and vehicles? It’s a common urban planning challenge, with new designs too often attracting community pushback. Hatch recently completed a prototype of such a transformation in Perth, Australia, with hopes of implementing it in other urban centres, too.
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