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Growing economies and populations are escalating the demands for transport, energy, housing, water, communications, and waste management.

In developing countries, mass urbanization is driving capital development. Recent estimates have forecasted a global spend of US$9 trillion per annum by 2025. In established economies, limited government funding and tighter budgets will drive more private participation to help replace or refurbish existing infrastructure.

These market challenges demand new solutions. They call for better, more directed ways of working. If we're going to succeed, we'll need to leverage past knowledge, marry it to smarter, emerging technologies to ensure resource efficiency and long-term competitiveness.

Communities and companies must look for partners who are able to think ahead, predict future challenges, and provide options to overcome them ... today. Innovative approaches to the toughest problems need agility and knowledge, coupled with a solid foundation of technical and business skills.


Master planning

The key to successful growth in a community or city is careful planning. Critical infrastructure strategies call for adequate budgeting to ensure the right improvements meet demands in a cost-effective manner. We have prepared master planning documents for private utilities, as well as counties, authorities, and municipalities.

Integrated water management

An effective water-management plan encompasses the full range of options, mitigating the impacts of pollution to both the overall environment and localized urban areas. This works best when program elements are selected using sustainable design and life cycle cost analyses. The fiscal needs of communities must be addressed to ensure compliance at affordable costs to ratepayers. Sewage collection systems, stormwater control, and receiving water-body quality must all be properly integrated to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Roads and streetscapes

New transportation infrastructure or rehabilitating existing assets can have a ripple effect on a city or municipality's efficiency and ease of access. Projects must be implemented to establish or maintain a distinct identity. They must add value to the area, and be a continuing source of community pride. In addition to design and engineering, our services extend to construction, either for the municipality as owner, or as overseers for developer-sponsored projects.

Urban transit

Whether it's a new build or an expansion, you need a partner who can help identify the most effective engineering solutions. One that understands the challenges of safely delivering a successful transportation project: the site constraints, right-of-way issues, and integration with all other modes of transport.

Partnership with World Council for City Data

ISO-certified city data can inform new solutions for the planning and infrastructure challenges that developing urban communities face. In partnership with the WCCD, we build innovative tools to map and analyze urban trends and associated city responses, helping cities to take stock and plan future investments to improve their communities.


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