All over the world, nuclear power is experiencing a renaissance. In 2015, there were 72 reactors under construction in countries like Finland, France, the United States, and China. Another 92 new builds are planned and construction is expected to begin in the next decade. In Canada, the U.S., and Argentina, major refurbishment programs are being planned or are under way to safely prolong the life of existing reactors.

This growth is not without its challenges. Nuclear technology offers safe, clean, emission-free, and low-cost power. However, the public’s perception can often undermine the benefits of nuclear power.

The increasing demand for nuclear energy and the number of reactor new builds and refurbishment projects are also creating a shortage of skilled labor—resources needed to successfully deliver these projects on time and on budget.


Uranium fuel fabrication

Hatch has direct project execution experience in uranium mining. This includes optimization of the mine and the associated buildings and services.

We offer our clients integrated applications that apply to all aspects of resource project development and have in-depth knowledge and global experience in uranium processing, including refinement, conversion, and nuclear fuel fabrication.

Regulatory requirements, codes, and standards

Understanding and respect for regulatory environments and expectations are paramount. We’re agile and flexible, always meeting or exceeding these requirements. Hatch has expertise and experience both in working and interfacing with a number of regulatory authorities. Many of our professionals contribute to technical, regulatory, and standards oversights committees and groups.

Nuclear—new builds and refurbishments

We’ve been participants in the nuclear industry for many years, both in Canada and abroad. Our clients benefit from our extensive experience with a wide array of new nuclear construction and refurbishments projects, particularly in the CANDU space. We go beyond design basis to ensure safe and efficient projects that consider fire protection, seismicity, security design, and human factor or radiation safety.

Small modular reactors (SMRs)

Small modular reactors are an emerging class of nuclear reactors designed to be built in modules, with each module producing less power than a conventional nuclear power plant unit. We’ve been involved in supporting the development and evaluation of SMR’s as a flexible, greenhouse-gas emission free source of on-grid or off-grid power since 2012. SMRs can also provide a high-grade heat source for heavy industry which may enable new technologies or provide efficiency to existing operations that traditional nuclear reactors are not well suited for. As we seek to tackle climate change and create a carbon-free future, we’re working with SMR vendors, utilities, heavy industry, industry regulators, and governments to support their development, licensing, and implementation.

Operations support

To improve our clients’ bottom lines, we offer smarter and more efficient solutions to operating issues, and support their delivery strategies by improving operating business. These include support for obsolescence issues and minimizing outage durations and impacts.

Research and technology development

Working together with owners, regulators, and industry associations, we have contributed substantially to the nuclear operating experience and body of knowledge. Hatch was founded as a technology development organization—at the core, we’re innovators, always looking for the next, better solution. Some of our best nuclear specialists are now working on new nuclear technologies, such as SMRs and PBMRs.

Nuclear waste management and long-term storage

For the management of low-, intermediate-, and high-level waste products from nuclear energy production and used fuel dry storage, we’ve partnered with our clients to develop tools and methods.


Robert Francki

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Robert Francki
As the world’s energy consumption continues to increase, we must find new ways to generate, distribute, and use energy to achieve the profound transformation required to mitigate and reverse the forces of climate change. Hatch’s global managing director of Energy, Robert Francki shares how Hatch is responding.
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