Bécancour Green Hydrogen Plant

Air Liquide Canada | Canada | 2019-2020

3,000 tonnes of hydrogen output annually

Increases green-hydrogen production capacity by 50%

27,000 tonnes per annum reduction of carbon emissions


Global trends for a low-emission environment has required the search for alternative power sources, such as green hydrogen. When industrial processes are combined with renewable energy sources in the generation of electricity for the electrolysis of water, green hydrogen is produced without carbon emissions.


Provided civil, structural, and architectural, heating, ventilation, air conditioning engineering and construction and health and safety management services in the installation of proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzers technology to form a 20-megawatt (MW) system.


This cutting-edge project will implement the first large-scale use of novel PEM technology.

Once this project enters commercial production, it will be the largest-of-its kind to produce green hydrogen in the world.

Becancour’s proximity to major industrial markets in Canada and the United States will help ensure North America’s supply of low-carbon hydrogen for both industry and mobility usage.

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