Voisey's Bay Mine Expansion

Helping Vale pursue one of its most challenging Canadian projects

Vale Newfoundland & Labrador Ltd. | Canada | 2016-2022

Two new underground nickel/copper mines

40 ktpa of nickel-in-concentrate at peak production

20 ktpa of copper-in-concentrate at peak production

Extends the life of Voisey's Bay until 2034


  • Vale is pursuing one of its most challenging Canadian projects to date - converting Voisey’s Bay from an open-pit-only operation to two new underground mines.
  • The project will extend the life of the mine by an additional fifteen years.
  • The mine expansion project will focus on the development of two separate deposits, Reid Brook and Eastern Deeps.
  • Building the underground mines requires the development of declines from surface to access the ore bodies, and the construction and installation of supporting infrastructure, including maintenance facilities, material handling, and underground mine ventilation systems.
  • Vale is planning to use data to maximize the effective implementation of the project, as well as the efficiency of the day-to-day operation through commissioning and ramp-up.


  • We are providing detailed engineering and project management services for the mine expansion.
  • The scope includes building the two new underground mines and related infrastructure.
  • One of the key strategies for the project is the integration of information technology systems used in data-centric computing and operational technology to monitor events, processes, and activities.
  • We are delivering a fit-for-purpose Operation Management System for the development phase of the underground project.
  • Our JV partner is Sikumiut Environmental Ltd. (SEM), an Aboriginal-owned, St. John’s based environmental company.


  • The expansion will extend the life of the operation until at least 2034.
  • Largest underground mine under construction in Canada.
  • Employing the latest technology to maximize efficiency.
  • Commitment to conducting approximately 80% of the work within Newfoundland and Labrador.

Project numbers

42 ktpa of nickel-in-concentrate will be produced
20 ktpa of copper-in-concentrate will also be produced

Job Opportunities

About 650 construction jobs and 400 full-time operations positions will be created at Voisey’s Bay. We’re developing detailed engineering from our St. John’s office and construction is underway on-site.

Underground development is expected to begin in the second half of 2018 and peak construction will take place between 2019 and 2021.

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