Peaking performance: the challenges of mining operators

The pressure for mining organizations to achieve new levels of performance has never been greater.

You want to run safe operations. You want to execute your plans effectively, and make reliable, consistent decisions. You want to improve operational productivity and efficiency, and find the simplest, quickest, and most cost-effective routes to market.

Capital projects are becoming more complex, even as budgets and schedules become more constrained. Companies like yours are looking for more value from project delivery. They know that improving engineering efficiency and construction productivity is the way to do it.

As a global industry, mining recognizes the need to do things differently, to look beyond the same traditional continuous-improvement approaches. To change. To innovate. To overcome the challenges of today and develop a new mindset for the future.

Digital technology may be the key to unlocking hidden potential.

Value from digital mine solutions

Digital solutions have become a key component of the strategic direction and vision of today’s modern mining companies. With advances in sensor technology, the pervasive reach of networking technology, and easy access to massive computing power, we’ve created a whole new kind of environment.

Data has the potential to go far beyond monitoring, reaching into real-time predictive and prescriptive applications. Autonomous equipment is now a realistic option in the flow sheet. Digital has matured to the point where reduced variability, higher efficiency, lower maintenance costs, and better safety outcomes are the new reality in mining. Taken together, these improvements can unlock a step change in performance.

We have a world of experience serving the mining industry. We’ll help you create measureable improvements that deliver next-level performance enhancements throughout the entire mining value chain, from the ore body to the finished product. Across the entire mine life cycle, from project conception to end-of-life operations.

  • We’ll help you understand the value and minimize the risk. You'll be able to address change management issues that are a natural part of implementing game-changing and emerging technologies in your business.
  • We’ll help you break down silos and make better use of your current systems and data investment.
  • We’ll work with you to address root causes, cutting uncertainty with analytics, and optimizing your resources and assets to improve predictability.
  • We’ll help you get the results you’re looking for. Greenfield build or brownfield expansion. Mid- to long-term technology and innovation roadmap. Let us be part of your plan to continuously improve your business.

With digital mine solutions, you and your stakeholders will benefit from:


  • Increased safety and productivity
  • Reduced project costs and schedules
  • Greater engineering and construction productivity
  • Higher quality and less rework
  • Seamless project handover


  • Better safety outcomes
  • Better predictability
  • Less process variation and uncertainty
  • Higher recovery and yields
  • Lower operating costs
  • Greater sustainability

How can digital mine solutions help you?

Integrate and augment systems

Enable remote operations and integrate offsite and external resources with digital twins. Connect workers and assets. Provide virtual work-training systems and solutions to integrate operations centers.

Execute autonomously

Reduce manual interactions, repetitive, or unsafe tasks. Execute work more consistently with automated inspections, autonomous fleets, and solutions that detect anomalies in product quality.

Automate decisions

Mitigate decision-making variation in key areas—the mine plan, maintenance, recovery, energy consumption and labor with predictive maintenance. Smooth efforts regarding workforce management and simulation, optimization, and analytics solutions.

Integrate operations

Make the value chain more sustainable and predictable with smart warehousing, material management, and integrated performance center solutions.

Helping you realize your ambitions

Hatch is helping to lead the way in the mining community. We are independent, and agnostic to particular vendors and technologies. We make sure you get the flexibility you need.

We have more than twenty years of experience helping companies create value in projects and operations using digital visions and strategies. For over sixty years, we’ve been developing technologies and innovations, integrating them into systems and tools that the mining sector uses, always seeking the best solutions and outcomes for you.


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