Nickel plants are some of the most complex metallurgical facilities in the world. A multitude of challenges and roadblocks can converge when companies try to design, build—and ultimately run—these mammoth operations. For executives and shareholders who scrutinize every capital expenditure and expect a return on every investment, it’s vital that these facilities deliver on their potential.

Processing nickel involves a variety of technologies, from concentrating techniques to pyrometallurgical and hydrometallurgical processing. There are different processing routes to choose from, too, adding another layer of complexity to the flow sheet selection mix. Whatever the choice, whatever the issues, maximizing tonnage while minimizing cost is the key to survival in the nickel business.


Mining and mineral processing

With a global presence and a wealth of expertise, the mining and mineral processing industry doesn't need to look any further for expert engineering advice and guidance. Our platforms provide consistent methodologies and resources that advance operations, delivering groundbreaking opportunities for better, faster growth to the entire industry.


We help our clients with everything related to the pyrometallurgical processing of nickel—both sulfides and laterites. Our experience covers the entire smelting process, from receiving and preparing raw materials to tapping and casting metal and slag from the furnaces...and all the systems in between.


Our hydrometallurgy professionals know how to apply today's state-of-the-art technologies to nickel facilities. We're experienced in the many modes of leaching, and are familiar with the full range of purification techniques. For processing and recovering nickel products, we can evaluate and recommend sulfate, ammoniacal, chloride or nitrate-based metallurgy solutions.

Operational performance

What happens when core operational improvements combine with top-notch project delivery? You get cohesive, flexible solutions. Key business goals are realized and a step-change in operating performance is achieved. Our outcome-based approach spans the entire business life cycle—from concept to closure.


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