Achieving the highest attainable standards to enable asset owners achieve their business goals, safely and responsibly—that’s always the key objective. But quality is never an accident. It results from the efforts of determined, leading experts with world-class skills, who deliver the best projects, always.

Quality is a continuous journey. Processes and structures must be in place to help ensure consistency of equipment, skills, and service, for optimal project results. Regardless of location, you need to be sure that every deliverable you get from your partner will be of exceptional quality.

We recognize that there is always room to improve. Our Quality Management System is designed to continuously find new ways to enhance project outcomes. It documents best practices and empowers our employees and project teams to achieve exceptional results. We work closely with our partners, welcoming the feedback they provide to find new ways to do things better.

Our designated quality team helps facilitate the whole process. It provides quality assurance oversight for our entire organization, throughout the life cycles of our clients’ projects. Launching project kick-off meetings to clearly outline requirements and expectations, reviewing and verifying designs, analyzing suppliers and reviewing equipment, and helping develop construction management plans, the group works to optimize project outcomes.


Quality Policy