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Manage tailings confidently

Managing tailings is undoubtedly a tough endeavor and we are here to support you ever step of the way. Our digital, integrated solution for tailings management proactively prioritizes and addresses operational complexities and safety concerns. Drawing from extensive global on-ground operations and design experience, our deep understanding of tailings processes merges seamlessly with a strong operational excellence focus, driving our digital development.

GISTM Compliance
Water Management
Monitoring and
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Hatch Tailings Management

How Hatch Tailings Management Software (TMS) can help


Technology meets expertise


As demand for metals surges and expectations to reclaim from tailings grow, our approach optimizes operations, enhances safety, and across the entire tailings lifecycle for efficiency and risk reduction.



GISTM compliance

Self-evaluate GISTM compliance, launch audits, and track progress toward full compliance targets with straight forward audit management tool.



Technology agnostic

Hatch TMS seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, eliminating the need for additional investments. Effortlessly connect to systems like PI, repositories, data loggers, or instruments using cutting-edge IT/OT protocols. Experience a transformative connection that unlocks limitless possibilities.





Integrated monitoring

Beyond sensor data, our system converts it into practical metrics. We automate complex calculations, giving a uniform metric. Monitor your data in real time, scale it as needed, and get alerts to prevent problems before they escalate.




Circular economy

Empower the transition to a circular economy with Hatch TMS. Efficiently manage talings deposition and track deposition plans according to your ‘Life of Mine’ plan. Optimizes water usage, reduce reliance on external sources and foster operational sustainability




Webinar: Hatch Integrated Tailings Management

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Why Hatch TMS?

We combine the power of advanced analytics with the flexibility of a configurable platform to deliver actionable insights that lead to sustainable tailings management.

Our full-service software operates holistically, proactively mitigating risks at every stage of the lifecycle.

Learn how Hatch Tailings Management Solution can help you.

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