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The challenge

For decades, the mining industry has been faced with delivering safely while containing costs.

Today, the challenges are being amplified as the industry enters a period of disruption. Soon, the paradigms of the past and present will no longer be acceptable. The era of ever-larger, rubber-tired diesel equipment matched to “scaled-up” crushers and mills has run its course.

The cyclical nature of commodity price changes can lead to shrinking margins, billion-dollar write-downs, significant overcapitalization, and organizational churn. The industry requires new thinking and agile implementations to continue being relevant and attractive to investors.

Social license is no longer about not making a mess and not irritating the neighbors. Society has new expectations of where its metals and minerals should come from and how they should be delivered. The mining industry needs to generate value for a community far broader than its shareholders—financially, socially, and environmentally.

The risk reduction strategy of only using tried-and-tested solutions for brownfield expansions and greenfield projects just extends the current paradigm. Today’s cost structures and productivity frameworks cannot produce a bankable business case with the kinds of resources now being found.

In operations, a pure cost-containment and continuous-improvement focus has not yielded the desired benefits. It remains an important aspect of a comprehensive management strategy, but, like any tool, it will not fix everything—particularly if we are focused on the wrong problems.

We cannot keep building the same mines.

Our response

Disruption can be, as the word implies, disruptive; however, it can also be a new beginning. It’s a matter of perspective. Our focus is on what and how to innovate using strategic thinking and technology as the key enablers.

The transformation you need begins with a vision of what is possible supported by strategy and tactical roadmaps.

We want to partner with you from inception to precision execution, building capacity at every stage and focusing on the underlying issues, not the symptoms. Working together, we’ll simplify solutions by combining a deep, fundamental understanding of mining with practical redeployment of established technologies from other industries.

Here’s how we can help.

Strategic innovation: The drive for shareholder value—sustainability and growth—always fixed on simplification.

Transformation roadmap: From tactile point solutions to enterprise-level pivoting with a view for now, next, and later.

Digital mining platform: Transparency from initial data collection to advanced analytics, leading to improved decision making and better planning.

Infrastructure: Industry-leading designs, construction, and efficient operation of hoisting systems, bulk-materials handling, and logistics.

Full end-to-end solutions: Flowsheet redesign, from mine to port, including:

  • Modular—flexible, scalable
  • Electrification—renewable, efficient, and clean
  • Continuous—integrated, intelligent systems
  • Selective—mine ore, not waste; intensify processing
  • Automation—machines to maximize effective time

Precision execution: The foundation, a proven track record for delivering on time and within specifications.


Pamela Florian

Challenges and opportunities in the Peruvian mining sector

Pamela Florian
Peru has spent decades building its reputation as an international mining powerhouse. With the nation under pressure to sustain its position among the world’s leading mineral producers, its mining sector is embracing various short and long-term strategies to support the country’s efforts and bolster its progress.
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