Existing refineries are facing operational cost challenges and seeking effective ways to improve efficiency, reduce operating costs, and increase production uptime. Owners of new refinery developments are looking for technically differentiated partners to deliver projects that maximize stakeholder returns and position their refinery projects in first quartile performance.


Dynamic modeling

Developing flow dynamics for two- and three-phase flow applications for liquors, settling slurries including red mud, sand, and oxalate slurries to maximize the efficiency of operation.

Bayer process design, equipment, and operation

We have a strong track record in designing and building cost-effective, greenfield and brownfield Bayer refining installations. Refinery designs are specifically tailored to the processing characteristics of the bauxite and are optimized to the capital and operating cost environment within which the refinery will be constructed and operated.

Flash train design and engineering

Industry technology leader in flash train design, including digester, interconnecting underflow piping, and fittings in three-phase flow regimes; equipment selection and sizing for vessels, pumps, PRVs, materials, and control valves.

Relief system design

Designing adequate relief systems to meet statutory requirements. We develop, implement and apply the Design Institute for Emergency Relief Systems (DIERS) technology specific to the needs of each refinery, fully compliant with international standards.

Due diligence studies

Decades of global experience in the evaluation of business and commercial issues, technical processes, capital projects, and maintenance operations in support of all types of investment and business planning. Experts in the white-side design to maximize efficiency and quality of alumina product for sale into the global market.


Residue filtration and green liquor filtration expertise for the alumina industry.


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Digital Maturity in Alumina Refining

Author(s) M.Barnes, D.Koffler, C.Bowels
Travaux 47, Proceedings of the 36th International ICSOBA Conference, Belem, Brazil, 29 October - 1 November, 2018
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