Navigating the just energy transition: Insights from South Africa and beyond

Mimi Van Noordwyk | July 12, 2024
As the global push toward renewable energy intensifies, South Africa is at the forefront of navigating the complexities of a just transition—a transition that prioritizes social equity, human rights, and environmental sustainability by creating alternatives for people and regions trapped in fossil fuel dynamics.   
Tiago Becker Rafael Valenzuela and Albert Zuniga

Challenges and opportunities for the adoption of autonomous hauling trucks in mining

Tiago Becker, Rafael Valenzuela and Alberto Zuniga | July 3, 2024
With Mining 4.0 now a reality, mining companies are incorporating integrated remote operation centers, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and autonomous systems. Adoption of these technologies entails a series of challenges that must be addressed with high levels of preparation.

Including Indigenous voices in Canada’s nuclear discussions

Sue Prince and Julia Domaradzki | June 13, 2024
Indigenous Peoples in Canada, which include First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities, hold differing opinions about nuclear development and waste management. Regardless of their views, however, they all agree that they need a seat at the decision-making table.