Including Indigenous voices in Canada’s nuclear discussions

Sue Prince and Julia Domaradzki | June 13, 2024
Indigenous Peoples in Canada, which include First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities, hold differing opinions about nuclear development and waste management. Regardless of their views, however, they all agree that they need a seat at the decision-making table.

Planning for the unknown in old tunnels

Saeid Rashidi and John Pehar | April 3, 2024
Discover the importance of baselining and risk management in tunnel renovation projects. Learn how to plan for the unknown and build resilient, sustainable infrastructure for the future. 

Embracing inclusivity and redefining accessibility in architecture

Stefanija Stameska | April 2, 2024
In the expansive canvas of architecture, the concept of accessibility transcends conventional ideas and embodies a profound commitment to crafting spaces that afford meaningful access and allow every individual the opportunity to live with dignity.

How important is water in your life?

Bruce MacKay | March 21, 2024
Celebrate World Water Day on March 22nd by reflecting on the importance of water in our lives and the need to protect this precious resource for future generations. Join us in making a difference by conserving water and supporting efforts to provide access to clean water for all.