Water. It's one of the world's most important natural resources. It’s critical for both the development and operation of industries that drive our economy worldwide, and for the social and physical health of people and the ecosystems that sustain us.

Water resources are unevenly distributed throughout the world. Some regions are confronting water scarcity while others an abundance of water requiring safe management. There's frequently insufficient infrastructure or planning in place around water resources. This, coupled with the often-vast distances between sources of water and the economic and industrial hubs that need them most, makes it challenging to use water effectively and efficiently. If this deficit is not addressed, water management can become a major operational and social liability in the pursuit of economic development and urban sustainability.

Industry, communities, and government agencies alike need an integrated approach to sourcing, developing, and managing water resources to maximize their investments and maintain water quality and security. Meeting the planet's need for clean, fresh, and abundant water is a challenge ... now, and for generations to come.


Integrated water management

The integration of a use and reuse plan around the supply of water can help to mitigate costs and meet environmental regulations. Water sources often need to be shared by multiple users, while leaving enough water for the surrounding ecosystem to properly function.

These plans connect sewage-collection-system management, stormwater control, and receiving water-body quality to satisfy regulatory requirements. Our integrated strategies run the full range of options to mitigate the impacts of pollution to the environment.

Industrial and municipal treatment

The complexity of environmental regulations—and increasingly stringent air- and water-quality standards—require sites and facilities to have state-of-the-art solutions. We work with you to reliably, and consistently, comply with regulations while minimizing the associated costs. We help to simplify operations of ancillary processes, and enhance the reliability of revenue-generating production.

Watershed management

A multidisciplinary approach is necessary for proper planning and management of watersheds. We help you to understand the various characteristics of watersheds and design a plan to manage the water supply, water quality, drainage, stormwater runoff, water rights, and overall utilization of watersheds.

Water supply

Water sources can include lakes and rivers, surface water collection and storage, groundwater well fields, aquifer storage and recovery systems, water reuse systems, seawater and brackish water desalination systems, and the acquisition and conveyance of water from other suppliers. We work with you to create an effective water supply strategy to meet your every need.

Water conveyance

The effective conveyance and storage of water is important to the success of cities and industrial sites alike. We have designed and constructed major canals, pipelines, and associated hydraulic systems to help our clients succeed.



How important is water in your life?

Bruce MacKay
Celebrate World Water Day on March 22nd by reflecting on the importance of water in our lives and the need to protect this precious resource for future generations. Join us in making a difference by conserving water and supporting efforts to provide access to clean water for all.
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