Water. It's one of the world's most important natural resources. It’s critical for both the development and operation of industries that drive our economy worldwide, and for the social and physical health of people and the ecosystems that sustain us.

Water resources are unevenly distributed throughout the world. Some regions are confronting water scarcity while others an abundance of water requiring safe management. There's frequently insufficient infrastructure or planning in place around water resources. This, coupled with the often-vast distances between sources of water and the economic and industrial hubs that need them most, makes it challenging to use water effectively and efficiently. If this deficit is not addressed, water management can become a major operational and social liability in the pursuit of economic development and urban sustainability.

Industry, communities, and government agencies alike need an integrated approach to sourcing, developing, and managing water resources to maximize their investments and maintain water quality and security. Meeting the planet's need for clean, fresh, and abundant water is a challenge ... now, and for generations to come.


Municipal water and wastewater
Water systems, crucial for survival, constantly evolve due to demographic factors, stringent environmental norms, and climate change. Our seasoned professionals, with extensive water and wastewater consulting experience, provide a comprehensive approach combined with practical effective solutions. Leveraging advanced project delivery models and technology, we engineer sustainable water systems. Our expertise spans mechanical, electrical, automation, chemical, and microbiological aspects of water resources. We are committed to excellence, innovation, and security ensures enduring water systems for future generations.
Digital solutions
The key to successful water management is to embrace integrated, smart, digital solutions that include practical insights supported by high-quality engineering and consulting services. We are the global leader in the development and application of water and wastewater treatment simulation technology, including industry-standard software products such as GPS-X™, SimuWorks™, Toxchem™ and CapdetWorks™. Our team of water digital experts is passionate about helping your navigate your digital transformation journey and providing solutions that maximize the value of existing and planned water infrastructure.
Water resources
Our team's expertise in hydrogeology, hydrology, and engineering equips us to address diverse water resources challenges. From safeguarding sensitive environments to managing flood risks and sedimentation, we employ advanced modeling tools to gain a deeper understanding of complex natural systems and their responses to various developments. This analytical approach allows us to offer tailored recommendations and comprehensive designs that are not only technically sound but also considerate of ecological and environmental factors. Our multidisciplinary team ensures solutions that balance human needs with the preservation and sustainability of natural resources.
Industrial water management
Water governance for industry is crucial for understanding how to provide, use, and manage this precious resource. It encompasses production, safety, and many operational aspects of industrial facilities. Stringent water-quality standards necessitate state-of-the-art solutions. Our team collaborates with you to ensure maximum operational efficiency while adhering to stringent regulations and minimizing costs. We simplify ancillary processes, enhance revenue-generating production, and focus on efficient water and waste management. Integrating a comprehensive water management strategy early in your project plan reduces water and energy demand, mitigates effluent production, reduce CAPEX and OPEX at the same time, and demonstrates commitment to sustainability.


Water resources recovery

Water resources recovery is an essential aspect of sustainable water management. Our expertise in water reuse, nutrient management and recovery, and bio-solids management ensures our clients have access to innovative solutions for water conservation and management. We can help you recover valuable resources from wastewater, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices. Our water resources recovery services are designed to meet your imperatives and support your long-term goals.

Conveyance and linear infrastructure

As cities and industrial sites extend beyond natural water sources, reliable water conveyance and linear infrastructure become vital. Our experts specialize in designing and constructing challenging water linear infrastructure assignments by optimizing hydraulic systems to enhance water flow and efficiency. We draw on our expertise in tunneling and trenchless technology and have significant experience designing and building pipelines of various sizes. This includes using horizontal directional drilling for small-diameter pipelines as well as tackling large and lengthy machine-bored tunnels. Our expertise strikes the right balance between hydraulics and tunneling, addressing complex underground water infrastructure needs.


Surface water and infrastructure resiliency

Managing the impact of extreme weather events has become a key issue. Our expertise in stormwater overflow management, transportation drainage, complex hydrology, wet weather infrastructure, and coastal and river engineering ensures that our clients have access to innovative solutions for infrastructure resiliency. We help clients mitigate the risks associated with extreme weather events and promote sustainable practices. Our services are designed to meet the needs of our clients and support their long-term success.

Industrial water treatment

Our team of experts take a personalized approach to industrial water and waste treatment. We actively listen and collaborate to understand your specific needs. Whether it's developing treatment facilities for supply, production, or process waters, or devising strategies to meet stringent discharge standards—even achieving zero discharge—we've got you covered. Our innovative and robust water management and treatment systems are designed in partnership with you.

Water resources management

Water resources management plays a crucial role in ensuring water availability for diverse purposes. Our expertise spans from river systems analysis and bulk water transfer infrastructure to dams and dam inspections, reservoirs, and watershed preservation and management. We offer efficient solutions for water preservation and sustainable resources handling. Our tailored resources management services align with our clients’ needs and objectives, minimizing environmental impact while maximizing effectiveness.

Watershed management

A multidisciplinary approach is necessary for proper planning and management of watersheds. We help you understand the various characteristics of watersheds and design a plan to manage the water supply, water quality, drainage, stormwater runoff, water rights, and overall utilization of watersheds.

Landscape architecture

Hatch maintains an interdisciplinary team of landscape architects who provide design and construction phase landscape architecture services for a variety of private and public sector projects. Our broad experience allows us to develop site-specific solutions for construction projects. From preliminary site evaluation through completion of construction, we focus on sustainable and cost-effective solutions that meet our clients’ needs.

Regional water management

We can help you use your water resources wisely. Our expertise in regionalization, optimization, master planning, and environmental assessment ensures efficient solutions for water conservation and management. We guide our clients in responsible resource handling, minimizing their environmental impact while maximizing sustainability. Our tailored solutions align with your unique needs and objectives, making a positive difference for both your organization and the environment.

Modeling and simulation

We offer world-class modeling and simulation services for water and wastewater treatment systems. Leveraging advanced simulation tools, we gain deep insights into plant design, operation, and optimization. Our comprehensive services span wastewater characterization, process alternatives evaluation, carbon footprint mitigation, anaerobic digestion and biogas management, and air emission modeling. Additionally, we develop plant operational tools to ensure efficient and sustainable management of water and wastewater facilities.

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) automation

Our expertise in SCADA, programmable logic control, system automation, big data, and smart systems, ensures that our clients have access to effective solutions for water conservation and management. We can partner with you to plan, design, and develop field systems aligned with your operations, integrating data along with advanced data analytics.

Water economics and advisory services

A strategic water management plan is essential for businesses seeking to meet stakeholder expectations, optimize water use, and minimize costs. Our comprehensive approach, informed by extensive water management and treatment expertise, empowers clients to assess the cost-effectiveness of safeguarding water resources. Our strategies include setting specific goals for water management, evaluating water and energy optimization options, and ensuring alignment with environmental, regulatory, and social license responsibilities.

Energy and carbon footprint

Our commitment to a low-carbon future drives our focus on energy management. We specialize in harnessing the power of biogas, a renewable and sustainable energy source derived from organic materials. Through innovative methods, we help our clients reduce their carbon footprint while achieving significant energy savings. Our holistic approach, coupled with advanced tools for water infrastructure analysis, allows us to pinpoint high-impact areas for energy and carbon reduction, ensuring a greener and more efficient future.

Water and wastewater treatment

Our team of experts plan and execute wastewater and biological nutrient removal systems, as well as clean water processes, to make sure water is clean and safe. We also provide industrial water treatment, membrane systems, and desalination services to serve the needs of our clients. Our mine water management services can assist mining companies to work sustainably and responsibly. Hatch is more than a partner. We act like owners, so you can trust that your water resources are being managed responsibly.

Groundwater hydrology and geochemistry

Our team utilizes its extensive global mining experience to navigate diverse environments—from high precipitation zones to arid regions and northern permafrost areas. We characterize hydrogeological and geochemical systems using cutting-edge modeling and analysis techniques. Our goal? To predict water behavior during and after mining operations. We acquire and monitor baseline data, develop industrial permitting programs, and create environmental impact studies tailored to your operational needs.

Explore the interconnectedness of water and sustainability

We recognize that water plays a crucial role at every stage of the value chain. From raw material extraction to manufacturing processes, city development, and sustainable practices, water is an essential resource.


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