In today's fast-paced world, water operations demand innovative infrastructure and intelligent technologies to thrive. Our mission is to empower Water Utilities and service providers, guiding them through the entire water and wastewater project lifecycle – from planning and design to commissioning and operations.

In this digital era, operational success hinges on integrated, smart systems. Our arsenal of advanced software propels water and wastewater treatment processes, enhancing efficiency and robustness. This transformation is not just about data – it is about actionable insights, bolstered by top-tier engineering and consulting services.

Our seasoned professionals have mastered the art of data utilization. Monitoring and preserving the value of long-term water assets is our forte. From visionary designs to operational control centers, optimization software to rock-solid cyber security, we are equipped to conquer your challenges. Whether you seek seamless systems integration or end-to-end operational support, we are your partner in crafting a bespoke solution that speaks to your unique needs.


You need a partner who can plan, design, and develop field systems. One who understands your business and operation; one who can incorporate data conveyance using advanced protocols. Every stakeholder will have access to the information they need, from the maintenance teams for asset management to executive teams for business intelligence.  

We can help:

  • design reliable, accurate field systems with electrical instrumentation and controls, and network engineering,
  • develop optimized programs that reduce operating costs and ensure regulatory compliance,
  • design SCADA system redundancy through hardware configuration and wiring layouts within panels and process controllers,
  • develop robust, redundant networks with advanced cybersecurity management.

Optimization and modelling solutions

Get your hands on the market leading products for water and wastewater treatment plant analysis, design and operational support.


Dynamic Simulation of Water and Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater operations need to continuously focus on improving control processes, reduce costs, and develop benchmarking and auditing statistics. There is always an emphasis on conducting a planning and capacity analysis to be able to design and assess possible upgrades without costly consulting expenditures.

Our GPS-X™ simulator is the most advanced tool available in the market for the mathematical modeling, control, optimization, and management of wastewater treatment plants. GPS-X™ offers a user-friendly, robust, customizable, high-speed platform with calibrated models and the most comprehensive suite of unit processes. It includes leading edge simulation analysis tools, such as Process Optimizer, Sensitivity Analyzer, Scenario Manager and Statistical Analysis tools.


Flight Simulator for Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Training and Operation Support

Our award-winning platform for operator training and process support SimuWorks™ aims to do just that, using a high-fidelity process simulator interface for operator trainin g & development, plant optimization & analysis, and maintenance & project risk management . Utilizing customized operator interfaces, SimuWorks™ presents views and functionality familiar to operators and administrators alike in a platform that accurately simulates the behavior of a specific plant.


Hatch Digital Twin

As utility managers, you need to meet stringent effluent compliance limits while optimizing your operational costs, carbon footprint and energy requirement. To manage dynamic events like wet weather flow, scheduled and un-scheduled maintenance and control optimization require constant attention to find best the operational strategies to meet utility objectives. The Mantis.AI™ platform extends on the capabilities of SimuWorks™ by using real time data for performance forecasting, plant optimization, and operational benchmarking. The platform uses the power of well proven first-principle models and combines it with machine learning algorithms to provide guidance on the best operational strategies to meet compliance and reduce operational cost.

The Mantis.AI™ Digital Twin uses live weather data, past historical plant performance and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to create accurate near-term forecasts for influent and environmental conditions. Our cutting-edge research into influent forecasting allows operators to view plant performance forecasts in the same way that you would view weather forecasts. Operators can see potential process upsets before they occur and use that information to take appropriate action.


VOC Emissions Estimation from Wastewater Treatment Plants

If you are still using high-risk complex spreadsheets and costly laboratory analyses for monitoring programs in relation to estimating and reporting air emissions and contaminant fate during wastewater collection and treatment, then it is time to talk to us about Toxchem.

Our Toxchem software is used for estimating VOC air emissions from wastewater collection, preliminary/primary/secondary treatment and disposal facilities. The site-specific wastewater characteristics, contaminant properties, process design and operating information are used to estimate VOC emission rates.

In addition to air emission estimates, Toxchem can also be used to estimate the concentrations/loads of contaminants in the water effluent, oil removal and residual solids streams. The Toxchem interface makes process configuration so much easier with drag-and-drop simplicity along with a broader modelling capability with Toxchem's comprehensive contaminants database.


A preliminary design and costing tool for wastewater treatment plants

CapdetWorks is the industry's only software tool for fast and accurate preliminary design and cost estimation of wastewater treatment plant construction projects, eliminating the cumbersome and time-consuming spreadsheet-based design algorithms. Simply drag-and-drop unit processes to build a plant schematic with CapdetWorks and it will size the plant and estimate the costs to build, operate and maintain the facility. By quickly and easily building multiple treatment alternatives to compare relative costs, your planning-level design and costing productivity improves dramatically, leading to better engineering decisions.

Expert Customer Support

Whether you’re looking for an online tutorial, need help from our industry-leading support team, or want to explore our custom training options, we’ve got you covered.

  • Extensive Online Resources

    Our resource library includes a wide range of videos covering the basics of GPS-X, SimuWorks, Mantis.AI, ToxChem or CapdetWorks, outlining new features, and an extensive list of modelling examples to help guide you.
  • Customized Workshop Training

    Our Hatch experts are available to lead customized online or in-person workshops to provide training, answer questions and help troubleshoot issues with user models. Contact us to receive an invite.
  • Industry-leading Customer Support

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