A careful approach to project planning and execution is crucial to a successful outcome

For an asset to function optimally, the necessary people, processes, and systems need to be established. There are countless examples of businesses that have had their net present values eroded, experiencing delays in achieving nameplate capacity, increased safety issues, and high implementation costs. This can result in lost opportunities and significant loss in shareholder value.

Advisory services are the comprehensive insights and solutions that transform projects from initiation to execution, a practice centered in deep industry knowledge and tried-and-tested management consulting approaches and skills.

Supported by a strong commissioning program, advisory services are the key to sustainable strategy development, maximizing shareholder value, and delivering a successful project execution.

Plugged In podcast

Our latest podcast series focuses on green energy transition and building sustainable solutions bringing positive change to one of world’s toughest challenges: climate change. Hosted by Yinka Ogunduyi and Phil Lombard.

Role of Indigenous communities in EV transition

17:00 mins
Featuring: Dr Fiona Martin, Regional Director, Community and Social Performance, Australia-Asia, and Christine Foster, Manager, Community Engagement, and Social Performance, Western Canada

In this episode, we discuss the role Indigenous communities play in the critical minerals required for the EV transition. Christine and Fiona provide insights on the importance of Indigenous consultation early on in project development to achieve faster time to market from an Australian and North American lens.

Supply constraints facing EV transition

17:00 mins
Featuring: Sid Subramani, principal in Hatch’s advisory practice and leads its global battery market solutions services.

In this episode of Plugged In, we discuss supply constraints with Sid Subramani. Sid shares his insights on battery material supply challenges and the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

Battery cell manufacturing: challenges facing capacity growth

08:48 mins
Featuring: Jacob Matly, Global Director of Battery Cell Manufacturing (Gigafactory)

In our third episode of Plugged In, Jacob Matly discusses the battery cell manufacturing industry (gigafactories). Jacob shares with us his technical understanding of the challenges facing the growth of the gigafactory operating capacity and Hatch’s solution to these challenges as a leading EPCM firm.

Green Energy Transition

16:29 mins
Featuring: Thomas Bibienne, Global Director of Battery Materials and Recycling - Battery Market Solutions

In this second episode of Plugged In, we discuss lithium-ion battery chemistries with Thomas. Thomas shares with us his insights on the current landscape and the evolution of lithium-ion battery chemistries.

Green Energy Transition

11:34 mins
Featuring: Mark Bellino, Global Director, Battery Market Solutions

This is the first episode of the Plugged In series. In this session, we speak with Mark Bellino to discuss the impact of climate change, and the changing dynamics of supply and demand in energy markets. We discuss ways to holistically tackle climate change solutions, from energy production to battery metals.

Building Resilience podcast

The Building Resilience podcast series highlights why building resilience within an organization is critical in an ever-changing world. Hosted by Joelle Pang.

Emerging Risk Management Tools and Approaches

11:28 mins
Featuring: Gustavo Gilberti, Risk Specialist and Process Consultant

In this episode, Gustavo Gilberti, a Risk Specialist and Process Consultant at Hatch, gives insights into the emerging risk management tools and approaches covered in a recent article he contributed to. Having spent the better part of the last ten years traveling around the world visiting heavy industry sites, Gustavo uses his experience to approach risk management holistically and discusses ways of creating new tools in the ever-changing business landscape.

Building Resilience in an ever changing world

14:32 mins
Featuring: Jason Jarrett, Resilience Specialist

In this episode, Jason Jarrett, a Risk and Resilience Specialist at Hatch, discusses ways of building resilience in organizations in an ever-changing business landscape. We cover the importance of business continuity through communication and adaptability and discuss ways to build resiliency into mining activities, which is especially important in today’s environment given the recent geopolitical tensions.

Risk Analytics

15:28 mins
Featuring: Pouya Zangeneh, PhD, P.Eng

In this episode, we discuss the application Risk Analytics and Probabilistic Modeling in dealing with heavy-tailed risk events, and in quantifying risk events occurrences. Dr. Pouya Zangeneh, a Risk Analytics Specialist at Hatch, discusses his blog post on the normal distribution of risk events and how some statistical methods are suboptimal when attempting to capture heavy-tailed risk events. He also provides an interesting example of how the Bayesian approach can help continuously update the risks and probabilities over time.

Mine Safety

14:19 mins
Featuring: Todd Steen, Senior Mining Consultant

In previous episodes, we discussed building resilient organizations with operational integrity. This episode follows on the catastrophic risk management framework with specific applications in the mining sector. Todd, a Senior Mining Consultant at Hatch, discussed the importance of mitigation control measures, such as having a functional secondary egress in a mine, to lessen the likelihood of material unwanted events. He also recognized the importance of involving subject matter experts and operations personnel to help identify, prevent and/or minimize potential MUEs and their impact.

Catastrophic Risk

15:01 mins
Featuring: Matthew Cramer, Global Director, Advisory

In this episode, we continue our operational integrity discussion and dive into the specifics of catastrophic risk management in terms of program development and implementation. Matthew Cramer, Hatch’s Global Director, Advisory, discusses the challenges commonly faced when defining and identifying material unwanted events, and determining the proper preventive and mitigative controls and biases that occur during the process. Matthew also shares an example of catastrophic risk culled from his own experience, the approach that was taken, and the outcome it produced.

Operational Integrity

14:29 mins
Featuring: Johan Du Toit, Senior Advisory Principal

In this opening episode, we interview Johan Du Toit, Senior Advisory Principal at Hatch. We discuss the importance, challenges, and best practices for operational integrity. Johan defines operational integrity and discusses the critical role of risk management in achieving and maintaining it. He opines on the biases of the risk management process that are most prevalent and sheds light on the role of leadership.

Helping you deliver sustainable solutions and results from project initiation to execution 


By drawing upon our decades of project and operational experience, we are uniquely positioned to assist clients in taking a proactive and holistic approach to managing their risks and opportunities. Rapidly changing digital and automation technology creates significant opportunities for innovation and new operating models. However, they can also add significant risk if not leveraged in an appropriate and practical way. We offer analysis, insights, perspectives, and recommendations to help clients produce results and create sustained shareholder value. 

Risk management

Our risk management process provides clients with a foundation for improved governance and strategic decision-making by better identifying, assessing, and managing risks. We collaborate with our clients to understand their tolerance for risk and apply proven principles and methodologies to support strategic decisions such as project portfolio prioritization, project configuration alternative selection, and capital budgeting. 

Preventing the unlikely event that could destroy your business

Business Readiness

Simply put, Business Readiness is the practice of establishing the people, processes, and systems necessary to operate a new asset safely, promptly, and on budget. An inadequate Business Readiness program can result in the erosion of 20 to 45 percent of any project’s net present value with clients experiencing delays in achieving nameplate capacity and experiencing increased safety issues and high implementation costs. Our experts can help clients develop a Business Readiness approach that mitigates these risks. 

Capital productivity

Our holistic approach to working capital optimization helps maximize capital efficiency and deliver a more profitable, resilient business. Our deep industry experience and long history of success in large, complex life cycle projects helps clients manage and optimize working capital while mitigating risks. 

Transaction support

With our proven track record in quantifying opportunities, potential risks, and mitigation strategies across the mining and metals, energy, and infrastructure sectors, we provide customized services for our clients’ environmental and social due diligence, and lenders’ technical advisory needs. 

Business transformation

With the uncertainty of the current global economic climate, organizations simply cannot afford to react with disjointed solutions. Today’s clients need to take a holistic approach, based on technical and organizational fundamentals.  We have highly qualified subject matter experts who can help clients transform their business for long-term profitability
and resilience. 

Climate change and sustainability

We are uniquely positioned and qualified to assist our clients with business transformation with a focus on achieving ESG goals while ensuring end-to-end profitability and reliability. We create end-to-end tangible solutions that consider the evolving ESG and technology landscape, and advise on any required strategy or operating changes.

Asset and maintenance management

Our asset management offering is designed to improve the overall productivity and efficiency of a client’s operation. We provide the tools you need to leverage and derive value from information—risks, gaps, and areas for improvement—allowing for overall better decision-making, end-to-end. 

Supply chain management

Hatch supports its clients in transforming their supply chain activities and operations and responding to the challenges of today's complex world. With our extensive expertise in inventory management, logistics, procurement, and working capital, we use a structured approach that allows us to provide services across supply chain transformation, procurement and contracts management, working capital management, and logistics and warehousing.

Organizational effectiveness

Digital and remote working trends are changing the way work is delivered. Hatch helps clients to develop efficient organizational structures and deliver the change with conviction through a rigorous implementation plan. In the final stages, we guide and shape companies to use leadership as a catalyst to achieve business outcomes and embed recognition that technical capability is only one aspect of effective leadership.

Commercial due diligence

Hatch provides due diligence services on proposed projects for investors, owners, and sponsors. We conduct appraisals by leveraging local knowledge and diverse expertise that allows us to react quickly to all queries raised by banks, private equity houses, aluminum companies, and prospective investors. Our experience ranges in all aspects of due diligence, from providing rationale for deals to concrete financial insights and analysis.

Introduction to Operational Readiness | How to unleash a project’s untapped potential

An overview of the operational readiness process and provide insight on how to ensure new operations achieve nameplate capacity by implementing an effective and predictable ramp-up program.



Driving innovation through disruptive technology

Maurice Tayeh
With the onset of emerging disruptive technologies, the most important question to ask ourselves is: where do we, as an industry, need to pay attention to these technologies when it comes to our clients’ business?

When procuring zero-emission buses, there’s strength in numbers

Daniel Lang, PhD
Discover the advantages of joint procurement for smaller transit agencies transitioning to zero-emission buses in Daniel Lang's latest blog for Hatch. Learn how this approach can help agencies acquire funding, reduce costs, and increase vehicle support while sharing knowledge and infrastructure. Explore the success of MaineDOT's pilot project and how Hatch assisted in developing feasible pathways for every agency to transition to hybrid or battery electric technologies. Get insights into Hatch's expertise in ZEB solutions and their commitment to combating climate change.

The driverless endgame

Andrew Miller, Victoria Webster and Bern Grush
As automated driving technology becomes more prevalent, policymakers face significant challenges in ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers while promoting innovation. From liability to data privacy, @AndrewMiller's blog delves into key issues policymakers must address to establish a comprehensive policy and regulatory framework for the responsible development and deployment of this technology. Download our white paper for in-depth analysis and more than 40 recommendations on how to navigate the legislative and regulatory barriers to automated driving.
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