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In the midst of rapid market changes and technological development, you expect quality, comprehensive and practical insights, and solutions to address the technical, social, environmental, and financial challenges that you and your stakeholders are facing.

Building Resilience

Welcome to Building Resilience, our podcast series which highlights why building resilience within an organization is critical in an ever-changing world.

Episode 1: Operational Integrity

In this opening episode, we interview Johan Du Toit, Senior Advisory Principal at Hatch. We discuss the importance, challenges, and best practices for operational integrity. Johan leads us through an important discussion on what is operational integrity and the critical role of risk management in maintaining operational integrity. He opines on what biases are most prevalent and sheds light on the role of leadership.

Episode 2: Catastrophic Risk

In this episode, we continue on our operational integrity discussion and we dive into specifics of catastrophic risk management in terms of program development and implementation. We go over the challenges commonly faced while identifying material unwanted events, determining the proper preventive and mitigative controls and biases that occur during the process. Matthew provides his experience from being involved in one of the largest implementations of this methodology.

Episode 3: Mine Safety

In previous episodes, we discussed building resilient organizations with operational integrity. This episode follows on the catastrophic risk management framework with specific applications in the mining sector. Todd draws examples from his experience as a subject matter expert in a recent engagement, where he worked to identify material unwanted events and their respective preventive and mitigative controls related to shafts and hoisting equipment.

Episode 4: Risk Analytics

In this episode, we discuss the application Risk Analytics and Probabilistic Modeling in dealing with heavy-tailed risk events, and in quantifying risk events occurrences. Dr. Pouya Zangeneh delves into his recent blog post on how some statistical methods are suboptimal to capture heavy-tailed risk events. He also provides an interesting example of how Bayesian approach can help continuously update the risks and probabilities over time.

Episode 5: Building Resilience in an ever changing world

In this episode, Jason Jarrett discusses ways of building resilience in organizations in an ever changing business landscape. We cover the importance of business continuity through communication and adaptability and go over ways to build resiliency into mining activities, especially important in today’s environment given the recent geopolitical tensions.

Plugged In

Welcome to Plugged In, our podcast series focused on green energy transition and building sustainable solutions bringing positive change to one of world’s toughest challenges: climate change.

Episode 1: Green Energy Transition

This is the first episode of Plugged In, a series of podcasts hosted by Hatch, focused on the green energy transition, and sustainable solutions. In this first episode we spoke with Mark Bellino. Mark is the global director of Battery Market Solutions at Hatch, and we discussed the impact of climate change, and changing dynamics of supply and demand in energy markets. We discuss current solutions that exist, and how to wholistically tackle climate change solutions, from energy production to battery metals.

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We bring over 60 years of innovation and award-winning excellence in project and operational expertise to provide you with evidence-based advisory services that are effective and reliable. Using our blend of deep technical, social, environmental, and business expertise, we advise clients on a wide range of projects across the metals, energy, and infrastructure sectors to unlock greater value.

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The power of connection

Joe Roberts
When employees feel psychologically safe in their work environment, they are more productive and loyal, which in turn leads to higher productivity and ultimately, higher success rates as an organization.
Kevin Reilly & Lauren Bradford

Strengthening Safety Management Legislation for US Transit Agencies

Kevin Reilly & Lauren Bradford
The bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will trigger changes in the Federal Transit Law that will affect safety management. At Hatch, we are uniquely positioned to assist transportation agencies in understanding and addressing this new legislation.
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