Connecting the circuits: power transmission and integration challenges in a changing energy landscape

The world’s need for power transmission and distribution infrastructure continues to change and evolve. Climate change-related events pose significant challenges to grid resilience and can lead to widespread power outages. Integrating renewable energy sources from remote locations often requires significant investment, which can face regulatory and environmental hurdles; and regulatory frameworks often need to evolve to accommodate new technologies and business models.  

Many regions are investing in grid reliability and resilience projects to upgrade aging infrastructure, enhance reliability, and accommodate the integration of renewable energy resources like solar and wind, and a high penetration of inverter based resources. High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Transmission technology is increasingly being used for transmission due to its efficiency, flexibility, and ability to connect remote renewable energy sources to urban centers. The integration of energy storage systems, such as lithium-ion batteries, to support the modern power system is growing too, both of which will help balance supply and demand, improve grid stability, and support renewable energy integration. 

Obtaining and maintaining social license for infrastructure projects is becoming more difficult, and power transmission projects are uniquely challenged. New and innovative approaches are needed to complete the required environmental and socio-economic assessments; and continuous, open communication are crucial to ensure public acceptance. Inevitably, more power delivery infrastructure will need to be built out of sight, and possibly underground, requiring a partner who can rise to these challenges. 

In an environment of intense regulatory and political scrutiny, the power delivery project developers require world-class engineering, as well as highly professional project management and risk management for their power delivery projects.  

It’s time to transform the way you generate, transmit and integrate power. We can help.

Power transmission and integration expertise and capabilities

HVDC and flexible AC transmission systems development

We are responsible for HVDC and flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS) development involving multiple projects on several continents. 

We provide complete planning and engineering services for HVDC systems using both line commutated converter (LCC) technology, voltage source converter (VSC) technology, and for FACTS utilizing all forms of static conversion systems. Our experience has included AC and DC system studies, all phases of design of overhead, underground and submarine transmission facilities, development of functional specifications for LCC and VSC converters and FACTS devices and commissioning, operational readiness, and Operations & Maintenance support. We utilize state-of-the-art techniques and the most advanced software tools. We are also able to take on the role of an integrator of HVDC projects, by combining our deep subject matter expertise with our world class project delivery services.

We have world-class expertise in the design and development of HVDC transmission systems and FACTS devices, and the management of project implementation to drive the results you want. 

High Voltage and Extra High Voltage system development

Critical values of safety, quality, and environmental compliance are baked into project delivery from the concept stage. State-of-the-art 3D modeling, design techniques, and the most advanced software tools minimize project risk and maximize profitability. You need experienced experts, like us, in transmission line and substation design, and in project and construction management for transmission and distribution projects, to ensure the success of your power delivery projects.

We have world-class expertise in substation design for all voltage levels and technologies. Whether you are looking for a new greenfield installation, expanding an existing station or just looking to extend the life of your current station, we can help! 

We also have expertise from distribution to extra-high voltage (HVAC and HVDC) transmission, and our services cover both overhead and underground technologies. Our team can support every aspect of your project from establishing the design criteria to the final commissioning. We support not only new builds, but refurbishments and upgrades of the systems as well. 

Energy storage

The demand for renewable energy is on the rise. The integration of energy storage systems, such as lithium-ion batteries, into power grids is growing. These systems help balance supply and demand, improve grid stability and power quality, defer grid upgrades, and support renewable energy integration.  

Wind and solar energy are intermittent in nature and as a result, require other technologies as part of a complete energy solution, including Energy Storage Systems, to provide reliable, dispatchable electricity. Presently, lithium-ion battery deployments are rapidly increasing while other technologies are developing as potential options for longer duration storage. Batteries are currently positioned as key enablers to achieving a future where electricity is predominantly derived from low-carbon technologies. While utility grid-scale solutions are highly impactful, the increasing drive to reduce fossil fuel consumption, use local resources, increase resiliency, and improve lives via reliable electricity generation at smaller, more remote sites and communities can also be enabled through energy storage systems. 

Hybrid power 

Hybrid power is a strong alternative to traditional fossil power generation in mining projects and remote communities. It provides a greener approach to the kind of energy self-reliance andresilience that today’s industrial plants, port terminals, data centers, or net-zero buildings are seeking.

We’ve developed a new approach. It’s helping operations like yours integrate solar, wind power, and energy storage together with power from other sources, like conventional fossil-fuel generating facilities. It’s a hybridized solution that delivers renewable power for less than the levelized cost of liquid fuels, like oil or diesel.

Grid modernization

The impact of aging infrastructure, climate change, electrification, and the rise of prosumers are among the leading factors of uncertainty and risks that are driving the requirements of grid modernizationand the grid’s digital transformation. We’re helping utilities drive risk-based asset management and achieve optimal system reliability through automation and grid hardening, and by leveraging data collected from intelligent field devices.

Power system Planning and system design studies

With decades of experience analyzing power systems performance and optimizing power system development, we have leading-edge analytical tools and expertise that save you time and money. We have tackled some of the most complex systems imaginable, from isolated power systems in remote/islanded areas to large integrated grid systems. We are experts in developing long-range master plans for these systems, preparing pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for development projects, and in conducting interconnection studies, advanced system design, and operational performance studies for clients worldwide. We are also supporting clients globally looking at grid-forming inverters and the impact of inverter-based resources on the ever-changing power system.

Our team are also experts in forensic simulations, investigating any issues that may arise in your system.

Some of the key studies we perform:

  • EMT Analysis 
  • Loadflow 
  • Dynamic simulations 
  • Interconnection studies 
  • Generator deliverability studies 
  • Power quality/harmonics 

Our team utilizes PSCAD, PSSE, PSLF, PowerFactory, TARA and a host of internally developed tools and other third-party tools to carry out our work.  

Route and site selection studies; environmental planning, risk, and permitting expertise

We are experienced in producing and coordinating all the associated project pieces. We offer a unique combination of environmental, socioeconomic, engineering and project management expertise under one roof, managing your constructability and social license risks at the same time. 

Due diligence, independent engineer, and lender’s engineer services

Our power industry experts have worked with organizations like yours all over the world, in every type of climate and environment. With proven results, we can offer a full range of assistance to buyers, sellers, and financiers of power delivery assets. 

Asset management and operational performance

Our experts manage and assist with asset management process reviews; audits and improvement plans; asset condition assessments, process developments, and studies; asset risk-assessment studies; and risk-based investment plans. We’re experienced at developing operations and management (O&M) process reviews and improvement plans, and feasibility studies for investments in facilities, systems, and processes.

In operational risk management, we’re your experienced and trusted partner.



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