Driven by reliability issues and asset aging in some regions, as well as the accommodation of load and generation growth in other regions, the world’s need for power transmission and distribution infrastructure continues to evolve.

The new supply mix required to power modern systems is provoking major changes in the structure of the grid—altering directions of the power flow, rapid changes in power, and dynamic changes in system performance. Grid operators require a nimbler and more responsive grid to accommodate these changes.

Obtaining and maintaining social license for infrastructure projects is becoming more difficult, and power transmission projects are uniquely challenged. New and innovative approaches are needed to complete the required environmental and socio-economic assessments; and continuous, open communication are crucial to ensure public acceptance. Inevitably, more power delivery infrastructure will need to be built out of sight, and possibly underground, requiring a partner who can rise to these challenges.

In an environment of intense regulatory and political scrutiny, the power delivery project developers require world-class engineering, as well as highly professional project management and risk management for their power delivery projects. Risk management is key to successful project delivery, because regulatory and environmental risks, constructability, and safety risks can all impact schedule and budget. A much more comprehensive, continuous risk management approach is becoming the norm—from concept through pre feasibility, feasibility, and execution.

Owners of transmission and distribution assets are looking to minimize operating and maintenance expenses, while earning the most value from their investments. The industry is making great strides by optimizing operations, maintenance, and decision-making regarding asset sustainment and end-of-life replacement.

It’s time to transform the way you deliver power. We can help.



Power system performance analysis and system design studies

With decades of experience analyzing power systems performance and optimizing power system development, we have leading-edge analytical tools and expertise that save you time and money. We have tackled some of the most complex systems imaginable, from isolated power systems in the remote/islanded areas to large integrated grid systems. We have developed long-range master plans for these systems, prepared pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for development projects, and conducted interconnection studies and advanced system design and operational performance studies for clients worldwide.

HV and EHV system development

Critical values of safety, quality, and environmental compliance are baked into project delivery from the concept stage. State-of-the-art 3D modeling, design techniques, and the most advanced software tools minimize project risk and maximize profitability. You need experienced experts in transmission line and substation design, and in project and construction management for T&D projects, ensure the success of your power delivery projects.

HVDC and FACTS system development

Demand is growing for high-capacity transmission links over long distances, with highly constrained rights of way, and for transmission interconnections across large bodies of water. In some circumstances, flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS) devices are the optimal solution, providing increased power delivery capacity and mitigation of voltage regulation and harmonic issues. In other circumstances, HVDC transmission is the only practical and economic solution for these project applications. We have world-class expertise in the design and development of HVDC HV transmission systems and FACTS devices, and the management of project implementation to drive the results you want.

Route and site selection studies; environmental planning and permitting expertise

You need a partner with experience producing and coordinating all the associated pieces. We offer a unique combination of environmental, socioeconomic, engineering and project management expertise under one roof, managing your constructability and social license risks at the same time.

Asset management and operational performance

Our experts manage and assist with asset-management process reviews—audits and improvement plans, asset condition-assessment process development and studies, asset risk-assessment studies and risk-based investment plans, operations and maintenance process reviews and improvement plans, and feasibility studies.


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