Challenges in the manufacturing and distribution of hydrocarbon by products

Aging infrastructure. Stringent environmental policies and carbon reduction initiatives. Evolving fuel standards. An ever-changing communications and digital landscape.

As the manufacturing and distribution of hydrocarbon byproducts from existing facilities becomes increasingly challenging, it’s time for downstream oil and gas providers to adapt to keep their facilities safer, competitive, and sustainable.

Global energy consumption continues to increase, and the world is moving towards increasing preference for a sustainable product mix. Building new refineries is a challenge so much of the demand will be met through debottlenecking, expansions and emerging processes that comply with tightening environmental and product quality standards which has to be offset by producing value-added products that will maximize yields, reduce costs, and grow profit margins.

As the last and final link in the value-chain, it’s an opportune time to incorporate digital technology and operational excellence to improve your productivity and profitability. We’re here to help.



Due to oil market turbulence and evolving feedstocks, refining businesses need value-added products to grow margins and reduce costs, while also adhering to tightening environmental and product quality standards. Whether you’re looking to modernize and enhance sustainability of your existing asset or a new build, we partner with you to transform your feedstocks into products that provide maximum value.

Growing environmental consciousness from producers and consumers alike is driving the adoption of lower carbon fuels and associated regulatory mandates and incentives. We can help with the evaluation of various decarbonization pathways and formulation of a viable strategy. Our expertise includes low carbon fuels and product diversification to minimize the full life cycle of emissions.

Bitumen upgrading

Maximizing the value obtained for bitumen and heavy oil is critical for businesses to thrive in the complex, shifting environment of today. We’re experienced in the full upgrading of heavy feedstocks to create high quality, light, low-sulfur crude, or partial upgrading to a lighter crude to help free up pipeline capacity and provide higher netbacks. We can leverage available technology options to help you produce your most valuable and marketable sales oil.


The demand for petrochemicals is expected to grow in the foreseeable future. We have experience across the wide range of conventional petrochemical feedstocks and derivatives. In addition, the rise of liquids-rich natural gas (NGL) production has ushered in a wave of low-cost NGL supply. Opportunities exist for companies to take advantage of inexpensive feedstocks to create value-added products.

We can design facilities to produce olefins, aromatics, and other feedstocks that can be used as the building-blocks for a wide range of materials such as solvents, detergents, adhesives, and the basis for polymers used in plastics, resins, fibers, lubricants, and gels.


The conversion of alternate feedstocks to syngas and then to needed higher value products has the potential to offset fossil-based fuels with substitute low carbon fuels by producing energy from a carbon-containing waste product. Delivering over 100 XTL assignments, utilizing a wide variety of feedstocks from coal to biomass to waste, Hatch has continually grown our expertise as new technologies have emerged. We will work with you to determine the feedstock and technology that is the best fit / lowest risk for your operations.

We take a holistic approach that not only focuses on the core processes, but also considers the integration of the supporting utility systems and the implementation of the commercial facility.

Syngas production

With growing global environmental consciousness and the emergence of the circular economy, the ambition to create fuel and chemical products from biomass and/or waste is becoming an imperative. The syngas produced through gasification can be used in a multitude of applications, including power generation, steelmaking, and the production of liquid fuels and chemicals.

We have considerable experience in gasification and syngas processing technologies, providing clients the capability to address these emerging issues through cost-effective, customized, and reliable solutions to monetize just about any feedstock. We provide an entire suite of services, from custom equipment design to integrated plant design, from concept engineering to construction and commissioning.

Low-carbon fuels

Biomass- (BTL) and waste- (WTL) to-liquids is a pathway to the production of high value transportation fuels and chemicals from abundant, low-cost feedstocks. These may include renewable resources such as energy crops, forestry and agricultural residuals, and other abundant sources such as municipal solid waste.

Recent technological advances offer large fuel consumers such as aviation and rail companies, for whom electrification through typical renewable sources is a challenge, and chemical producers viable lower carbon intensity options. Our broad expertise can also exploit innovative synergies offered by hybrid gas-to-liquid and waste or biomass-to-liquid concepts to create a unique solution to meet all of your needs.


Hatch’s technical and advisory experience spans the entire value chain, from sourcing renewable power to liquid fuels and hydrogen applications.

Our in-house renewable power capabilities provide clients with the expertise required to develop several low carbon routes via electrolysis. We have extensive knowledge of the various electrolysis technologies, including proton exchange membrane, alkaline and high temperature, as well as the associated technology vendor landscape that allows us to evaluate the most appropriate technology for you.


There has been tremendous technological development in gas-to-liquids (GTL) conversion technology in recent years. We have been working alongside technology developers across the GTL flow scheme, assisting Fischer-Tropsch (FT) and syngas generation licensors with proprietary technology development, as well as crafting various non-FT-based syngas conversion solutions, including methanol-to-gasoline and similar flow schemes with reduced carbon footprint. Our capability to provide bespoke technical and commercial solutions to our clients has been honed over more than a decade of dedication and focus.

Hydrogen and industrial gas capabilities

With growing interest in the potential of hydrogen as a primary energy carrier, we have the expertise to both help you generate hydrogen, as well as implement its use. By leveraging our gasification and syngas experience, we can develop cost-effective, integrated flow sheet solutions to produce hydrogen from coal, biomass, waste, and natural gas. Similarly, our in-house renewable power capabilities provide clients with the expertise required to develop several low carbon routes to hydrogen via electrolysis technologies. It is in the convergence of conventional hydrogen production with alternative feedstocks and technologies that we see the potential for hydrogen to become a real alternative fuel for industrial and commuter transportation applications, as well as feedstock for industrial use.

Carbon capture and sequestration

Whether it’s for pre- or post-combustion capture we can design and implement the most appropriate carbon capture system to meet your purification needs by leveraging the best CO2 capture technologies.

Our extensive track record with CO2 projects— compression, dehydration, pipelining, and injection—puts us in a unique position to help you progress and implement your project.



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