Xe-100 technology development program engineering support services

Engineering services to support the development of the Xe-100 reactor

X-energy LLC | United States

The Xe-100 was selected to receive $1.1B USD in funding from the U.S. Department of Energy for their advanced reactor demonstration program

Xe-100 is a Gen IV high temperature gas reactor using TRISO fuel technology

Carbon free reliable energy source for power generation and industrial heat applications producing up to 80MWe / 200MWt


  • The Xe-100 is an advanced Gen IV SMR design based on previous HTGR technology that will be the first of its kind licensed for commercial use in North America.
  • This HTGR technology uses robust TRISO fuel pebbles which consists of enriched uranium particles at the core with an outer graphite containment.
  • The Xe-100 uses helium to extract heat from the fuel pebbles undergoing fission.
  • Walk-away safety is paramount to the design of the Xe-100 reactor. Inherent safety is being incorporated in every aspect of the plant design.


  • Provided engineering services for the non-recurring engineering for the Xe-100 program within the electrical, mechanical system, power conversion, and building design.
  • Provided preliminary engineering services for the helium test facility that is being constructed as part of the Xe-100 program. The helium test facility will test critical components to validate the design of critical components developed for the Xe-100 program.
  • Hatch staff was integrated into the X-energy organization providing support at the top program levels for initiatives such as procurement, estimating, engineering tools setup, scheduling, and program controls.


  • The Xe-100 is an advanced high temperature gas reactor that will play a key role in decarbonizing electricity and industrial heat.
  • X-energy has designed the Xe-100 to be modularized and is more user-friendly and efficient than conventional nuclear reactors.
  • The Xe-100 design allows for flexibility to be baseloaded or load-following, making it an ideal choice to provide reliable power to an electrical grid.
  • High temperatures produced from the Xe-100 reactor along with its operating flexibility makes it an ideal solution for reliable and carbon-free heat for industrial applications.

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