Xe-100 reactor development program

Engineering and project management services to support the Xe-100 deployment

X-energy LLC | United States | 2020–Ongoing

First-of-its-kind innovative Gen-IV SMR technology for commercial use in North America

Carbon-free sustainable energy source providing 80 MW electricity / 200 MW thermal

60-year operational lifetime ensuring long-term sustainability and reliability


  • The Xe-100 is an advanced Gen IV Small Modular Reactor (SMR) design based on previous High Temperature Gas Reactor (HTGR) technology that will be the first of its kind for commercial use in North America.
  • This HTGR technology uses robust TRISO fuel pebbles, which consist of enriched uranium particles at the core with outer graphite containment layers.
  • The Xe-100 uses helium to extract heat from the fuel pebbles undergoing fission.
  • Passive safety is paramount to the design of the Xe-100 reactor. Inherent safety is being incorporated in every aspect of the plant design.


  • Provided engineering services for the Xe-100 program for nuclear and conventional islands including electrical, mechanical, and power conversion systems, as well as building design.
  • Provided preliminary engineering services for the helium test facility as part of the Xe-100 program. The helium test facility tests critical components to validate functions and performance prior to full-scale operations.
  • Assisted with the conceptual and preliminary design phases, the Xe-100 was selected by DOW Chemicals to replace current industrial heat systems at their Seadrift facility.
  • Integrated into the X-energy organization to provide support at the top program levels for initiatives such as procurement, estimating, engineering tools setup, scheduling, and program controls.


  • The Xe-100 is an advanced high temperature gas reactor that will play a key role in decarbonizing electricity and industrial heat production.
  • Expected to improve efficiency of construction and deployment by designing the Xe-100 to be modular and maximize the use of commercial off-the-shelf components.
  • Designed to provide reliable electrical power by allowing for flexibility of base loading or load-following.
  • Designed an ideal solution for reliable and carbon-free heat for industrial applications, based on the high temperatures produced from the Xe-100 reactor, along with its operating flexibility.
  • Selected to receive US $1.1B in funding from the U.S. Department of Energy for their advanced reactor demonstration program

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