Fusion and fission: tackling challenges on the nuclear front

Safety, waste management, and the fact that nuclear power plants are capital-intensive, cost overruns and financing challenges can make new projects financially daunting. Achieving the conditions necessary for controlled and sustained nuclear fusion remains a formidable technical challenge too.

As we transform to a sustainable, low-carbon future, nuclear still emerges as a vital part of the energy mix required to meet surging global demands for power.

Nuclear energy represents sustainable and accessible power. Offering a reliable and emissions free source of baseload energy safely, while providing stability to a power distribution grid that is faced with unprecedented challenges. While concerns related to safety, decommissioning, and storage have merit, ground-breaking advances are leading to safer, more practical nuclear operations. The next generation of reactor designs are on the brink of commercialization, unlocking new market opportunities with inherently safe designs. While innovative approaches to life extension means you can get more out of your existing assets. With nuclear, the possibilities are endless for our greener future.

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Nuclear expertise and capabilities

Small modular reactors

Small modular reactors (SMRs) are an emerging class of nuclear reactors designed to be built in modules, with each module producing less power than a conventional nuclear power plant unit. We’ve been involved in supporting the development and evaluation of SMRs as a flexible, greenhouse-gas emission free source of on-grid or off-grid power since 2012. SMRs can also provide heat for heavy industry which may enable new technologies or provide efficiencies to existing operations that traditional nuclear reactors are not well suited for. As we seek to tackle climate change and create a carbon-free future, we’re working with SMR vendors, utilities, heavy industry, industry regulators, and governments to support their development, licensing, and implementation.


Fusion represents a source of carbon-free, and accessible power for all. Its power is clean and available on-demand and generates minimal radioactive waste. As ground-breaking advances continue, fusion projects around the world are working to move from laboratories to the grid.
We were founded as a technology development organization—at the core, we’re innovators, always looking for new solutions. You need an experienced partner who can adapt quickly amidst the volatility of technology development while meeting project execution goals. One that offers an efficient delivery model, custom-tailored to allow each project partner to focus on what they do best. We are experienced in helping fusion technology developers with the design and construction of supporting systems.

Nuclear new builds and refurbishments

By any standard, nuclear projects are mega projects. They’re expensive, important, and technically complex. These projects make money of course, and we’re introducing financing methods in order to guarantee a healthy return on investment.
We have fresh ideas and concepts from other industries in which we work that could bring more cost and schedule certainty. Our clients benefit from our extensive experience with a wide array of new nuclear construction and refurbishments projects. We go beyond design basis to ensure safe and efficient projects that consider fire protection, seismicity, security design, and human factor or radiation safety.

Nuclear waste management and long-term storage

The nuclear industry has sound, stringent processes, and facilities to manage nuclear by-products. We’ve assisted organizations like yours with tools and methods to handle nuclear waste and deal with issues relating to the storage of used fuel. We understand the pivotal role that waste management and storage plays in the success of the nuclear industry, and the need for solid research and robust processes to safely store and manage nuclear waste.

Regulatory requirements, codes, and standards

The world’s nuclear regulatory environment is complex—and for good reason. Nuclear power technology is intricate and powerful and must be managed carefully. Understanding and respecting regulatory environments and expectations are paramount. We’re agile and flexible, always meeting or exceeding these requirements. Hatch has expertise and experience both in working and interfacing with a number of regulatory authorities. Many of our professionals contribute to technical, regulatory, and standards oversights committees and groups.

Operations support

Managing obsolescence issues and minimizing outage durations and impacts is just the beginning. Finding better, more efficient ways to handle ongoing operations can improve processes, increase production, cut costs, and enhance your bottom line.
Whether you’re ramping up projects or optimizing assets and procedures, we have experienced professionals and expert services to help you. Every solution is tailored to your specific operating issues. Across the full business life cycle, from concept to closure. Across the full value chain, from exploration to market.

Research and technology development

Your organization contributes to the worldwide nuclear industry, developing and sharing best practices, new technologies, and regulatory frameworks. In our work with utilities, regulators, and industry associations, we have made substantial contributions to the nuclear OPEX and body of knowledge. Our research and technology development experience with nuclear businesses is one of our key differentiators.

Examples of this are:

  1. The design and development of the South African Pebble Bed Modular Nuclear Reactor program
  2. The development of technology for radwaste volume reduction
  3. Design development for molten salt reactors

Uranium fuel fabrication

With uranium a crucial element in the production of nuclear energy, this presents an opportunity for mining companies to capitalize on the potential for increased demand and profitability in the uranium market. Hatch has direct project execution experience in uranium mining. This includes optimization of the mine and the associated buildings and services.
We offer our clients integrated applications that apply to all aspects of resource project development and have in-depth knowledge and global experience in uranium processing, including refinement, conversion, and nuclear fuel fabrication.
Nuclear financing in Canada

Canada is well-positioned to benefit from its competitive position within the nuclear industry globally – from the fuel supply chain through to power generation, research facilities, and nuclear expertise. The need for a strong nuclear sector is growing as scalable, emissions-free nuclear power gains recognition as a vital technology to combat climate change, as countries around the world seek ways to ensure energy security, and as the electrification of the economy progresses. The support of government, industry, and the financial sector will determine the viability and ultimate success of Canada’s existing nuclear infrastructure and implementation of new nuclear technologies, refurbishment projects, SMR development, projects in the fuel supply chain, as well as expanding research and development capabilities.


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Hear from Amar Jolly, Global Director Nuclear on the compelling role of nuclear power in the energy transformation



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